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A Korean TV Show Apparently Predicted Coronavirus

BK Published On Sat Apr 04 2020   Modified On Sat Apr 04 2020
A Korean TV Show Apparently Predicted Coronavirus

Did the Korean television series ‘My Secret Terrius’ really predict coronavirus?

The new social media trend suggests the Korean television show ‘My Secret Terrius’ predicted the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. FYI, before we begin, just so you know, COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus, but not all coronaviruses result in the ongoing disease.

In the meantime, Twitters users began sharing a rather intriguing clip in March 2020 from a South Korean TV show titled 'My Secret Terrius' (2018), where the term coronavirus is mentioned in a pretty scary manner.

The first coronavirus in humans was discovered by scientists in the 1960s. Since then, there have been two major outbreaks; MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

In a longer clip from the series, the doctor explains the fact that all these diseases come from the same group of viruses.

The fictional coronavirus in the show is pretty different from the strain of COVID-19. Apparently, someone “tweaked” the virus in order to make it far more deadly with a mortality rate of 90%. While there’s still a lot to discover from the real-world disease, one thing is for certain – COVID-19 does not carry a mortality rate anywhere close to 90%.

As a matter of fact, the fatality rate depends of lots of factors, such as medical resources, expertise, and early diagnosis. In Italy, the mortality rate is as high as 11%. In contrast, South Korea’s got a mild fatality rate of merely 1% thanks to their large testing program that managed to minimize the outbreak.

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Meanwhile, lots of people under the mentioned tweets are claiming the show is “Chinese.” We would like to confirm once again, it’s a Korean series. Perhaps, social media users are keen to link the show to the Chinese bioweapon conspiracy, but that’s a debate for another day!

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