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Home health Aidy Bryant's Weight Loss - Grab All the Details Here

Aidy Bryant's Weight Loss - Grab All the Details Here

Anjan Published On Fri Mar 05 2021   Modified On Fri Mar 05 2021
Aidy Bryant's Weight Loss - Grab All the Details Here

Here's everything you need to know about Aidy Bryant's weight loss.

Aidy Bryant, born Aiden Mackenzy Bryant, is an American actress, comedian, and voiceover artist, famous for her work in comedy series like 'Shrill' and 'Girls' from Hulu and HBO. Born in May 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona, she started her career in the entertainment industry without as much as taking a break after graduation.

Aidy Bryant is a popular name in the industry when it comes to body positivity and is considered a sort of an activist in the matter as she’s spoken several times in the past about the ‘made-up concept’ regarding social standards for how a person looks.

Has Aidy Lost Weight?

Despite her statements of the past regarding how she has accepted her body and stopped making efforts to be skinny for the rest of her life, fans have speculated that she might have lost some weight recently.

Aidy Bryant acting in SNL
Credit: Twitter

While the change might not be too drastic, some fans have compared her photos from the past with the present ones and said she might’ve lost the weight lately.

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But the assumptions are yet to be confirmed by the actress herself and are just speculations, which might not be correct as she is known to have let go of the pressure of staying skinny.

She Felt Humiliated When Dresses Didn’t Fit Her 

The Saturday Night Live actor is plus-sized, and she embraces her body size and is proud of who she is. However, during a photo session of cast members of SNL, other dresses didn’t fit her, and she had to wear her clothes, which she felt was humiliating. 

Aidy Bryant at the Emmys
Credit: The Today Show

She also tweeted about how she couldn’t wear the thousand-dollar dresses because of her size and had limited options between ‘mother-of-the-bride dress’ and two ‘sacks.’

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On some occasions, she has admitted to having received insulting offers in the movies like playing the role of 'ugly woman,' and everyone like her is treated the same in the industry, she has disclosed. 

She Plays the Role of Overweight Feminist in 'Shrill'

While the actor talks about the representation of the overlooked people like her, she is also doing it on-screen through a drama series. Shrill is based on the novel by Lindy West's 'Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman.' 

Aidy as Annie Easton in 'Shrill'
Credit: IndieWire

She plays the role of Annie Easton, an overweight woman, conscious about her appearance as society hurls opinions on her body towards her. Over time, she grows up to be a body-positive person, just like Adie is in real life.

She Has a Clothing Line for Plus-sized Women

After the humiliation she felt at the photo session in SNL, she decided to start her line of clothing known as Pauline for women with body types like her own.

Aidy and her husband Conner O'Malley in a show
Source: Pinterest

As plus-size women are becoming more involved in the entertainment industry, she feels it is needed that these people are represented and taken as normal in the industry.

Aidy is married to Conner O’Malley, an actor, and a comedian, after dating for nearly 10 years from 2008. 

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