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Amanda Henderson Weight Loss, Did the Actress Really Lose Weight?

Kenshinpark Published On Sun Jul 26 2020   Modified On Sun Jul 26 2020
Amanda Henderson Weight Loss, Did the Actress Really Lose Weight?

Amanda Henderson is a British actress who is best known for her role as 'Robyn Miller' on the BBC's medical drama, 'Casualty.' Though she is basically known for appearing on the medical drama, she has her stint other shows like 'Oliver!' and movie like 'Les Miserables.'

Amanda's appearance on 'Celebrity Mastermind' attracted further media attention, however, not a good one. The actress was criticized for her IQ really, she called Greta Thunberg "Sharon Thunberg."  But that just a silly mistake, anyone can make such a mistake, so it's not of a big deal if she don't know the name of a famous Swedish eco-activist.

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We are here to talk about Amanda Henderson's weight loss, so did the actress really lose weight? Why her weight loss is trending right now? Let's find out everything.

Amanda Henderson Weight Loss

There's very little to no information available on Amanda Henderson's weight loss. But we just wanted to know if the actress really lost weight, so we dived right into her social media posts, and found out she, in fact, lose some weight.

Amanda Henderson weight loss.

Amanda Henderson did lose some weight, she looks trimmer now.
Photo Source: Amanda Henderson Facebook

Amanda is often seen making comments about weight loss, back in 2018, she tweeted out, basically her rant for the industry. On her tweet, she wrote, "#ShareYouRejection getting told I needed to lose weight, I was undirectable, and I would never work by a malicious 'tutor' at drama school."

So, there was this agony in her from her school drama days, that she, in a way, was bullied for her weight. Of course, saying someone "you are undirectable" is straight forward bullying, or at least, we like to keep it that way.

 Moreover, It's even body shaming, telling someone, "You need to lose weight" is body shaming to the extreme. Though she was doing pretty good even without losing weight, we felt those words have, in some way, ingrained in her, stopping her from being who she is. 

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So, it's okay to lose weight, and that's what she did. However, the change is not significant, but it looks like she is doing it at her own pace. 

How Did Amanda Henderson Lose Weight?

While going through her social media posts, we found out that the actress is making subtle changes in her lifestyle. For instance, she started with changing her eating habits by replacing her junk foods with healthy food.

That's something she started way before, it was probably back in 2014, and her small changes are showing results in 2020. It took her almost four years to see the changes, but that's how she wanted to do. 

On her post, Amanda wrote, "Steamed salmon homemade coleslaw with low-fat dressing and salad... Health kick January!! Bring it on!" 

Following her post, many asked if she is her mission to lose weight, to which the actress replied, "if I lose weight, that's a bonus, but I've abused my body way to much recently! Not cutting anything out, just healthier stuff! X"

The actress never mentioned going for hardcore Bootcamp or simple exercises at home, so, it all accounts she did it with her diet changes.

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