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America Ferrera Net Worth — Check Out Her House, Car and Career Earnings

Bran Published On Fri Apr 24 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 24 2020
America Ferrera Net Worth — Check Out Her House, Car and Career Earnings

Emmy-winning actress America Ferrera is one of the finest assets of the entertainment industry. With over a decade already, she amassed a big fortune. Let us know about her net worth, house, and cars.

Born on April 18, 1984, actress America Ferrera didn't celebrate her 36th birthday in the best possible ways amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the week turned out well since she signed for a return in the final season of the NBC sitcom, 'Superstore' (go give a reason why her character left the store). The award-winning actress started acting in 2002 and amassed a colossal fortune and worldwide fame ever since. 

The California-based actress always liked acting as a child as she performed in several high school plays and community theaters. She even joined the University of Southern California on a presidential scholarship and double majored in theatre and international relations. However, her acting ambitions led her to drop out of college only to rejoin later. Today, the actress widened her portfolio as a producer and a voice actress as well and is best known as 'Amy Dubanowski'in 'Superstore.'

America Ferrera's Whopping Net Worth

Ever since the charming beauty, America Ferrera made her debut in 'Real Women Have Curves in 2002, she never looked back. Thanks to her eighteen-year-long career, she amasses a colossal net worth of $16 million as of April 2020. With so much experience, she earns way more than $56,900, the average salary of an actor in the United States.

Actress America Ferrera in a black dress and coat poses at her house.

Actress America Ferrera recently signed to be a part of the final season of 'Superstore.'
Photo Source: America Ferrera, Instagram

As a floor supervisor in 'Superstore', America Ferrera is the perfect example of the saying, 'hard work pays off.' Considering the fact that she was born to immigrant parents from Honduras, who got divorced when she was just seven and her childhood was full of struggles. Thus, with so little income in youth, she did burn the midnight oil to become one of the top actors today, with a tag of a multi-millionaire.

Initially, she got her breakthrough in 2006's 'Ugly Betty,' which handed her over a few awards and expanded her reputation. Furthermore, she appeared in classic shows like 'CSI,' 'End of Watch' and 'Our Family Wedding.'

Similarly, the multi-millionaire recently made it to the news as she signed for the final season of 'Superstore'. Ferrera has been part of 'Amy Dubanowski' since 2015 and earned a staggering $125,000 per episode at one point. In addition to that, she makes further earnings as a producer and director. Recently, she worked behind the cameras as the executive producer and director of Netflix's 'Gentefied,' which premiered on February 21, 2020.

America Ferrera Listed Her Hollywood Hills House for Sale

With the amount of net worth America Ferrera possesses, she can easily afford a few lavish real estates in the country. One of her properties that are quite known is the one in Hollywood Hills. She listed the house near Hollywood Reservoir in upper Beachwood Canyon for sale before moving into her new house. While the diva didn't reveal much about her brand new mansion, her house went down to unsold.

America  Ferrera's house at California.

Superstore actress America Ferrera re-listed her house at Hollywood Hills for sale.
Photo Source: Realtor

After the first attempt went down in vain, the 3,500-plus-square-foot estate was put back in the market for a staggering $1.395 million. The house is comprised of all the modern-day amenities such as a luxe master bathroom, double master closets, built-in study, and a delightful white plated kitchen. The two-storied house includes enough space to chill at home with total peace.

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The California-based actress is blissfully married to her husband Ryan Piers Williams, also an actor. Furthermore, the couple serves as a parent of one and is expecting another one very soon. With awards like Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild to her name already, the day isn't far when Ferrera would enlarge her worth even more.

America Ferrera Drives an Economically Friendly Car

America Ferrera in a white top poses for a picture.

America Ferrera owns a staggering net worth of $16 million as of 2020.
Photo Source: America Ferrera Instagram

One would expect the wealthy actress America Ferrera to drive luxurious cars and SUVs like Range Rover, Mercedes, or Ferrari, but surprisingly, her value system contradicts that. In fact, she prefers to drive the economy car, which she purchased 15 years ago.

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Originally, from a low-income family, Ferrera took a quick decision to buy a BMW worth around $36,000, when she got her first paycheck. However, the decision seemed to be a rushed one since she couldn't afford it at that time to fill it with gas. Thus, it was then that she sold it and bought an economical Toyota Prius instead.

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