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Apple TV+ Show ‘Little America’ Receives Companion Podcast

Matthew Published On Sun Jan 26 2020   Modified On Mon Jan 27 2020
Apple TV+ Show ‘Little America’ Receives Companion Podcast

Apple TV+ is all set to receive its companion podcast!

Kumail Nanjiani took a gamble with his new anthology series 'Little America' that was produced and released by up and coming streaming service Apple TV+. When most of the other traditional outlets were hesitant about the show that didn't have any stars and had majority non-white leads, Apple stepped up to the task and let the writers make the show that they wanted to make. What came to the screen was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Watch: Little America — Inside the Anthology Series | Apple TV+

The concept of an anthology show about immigrants coming to America was indeed a new one, and it's evident that Apple TV+ lived up to its reputation. Nanjiani talking about his experience while approaching other outlets said,

They were all stuck in their old ways. They were like, 'Wait, you want to do a show that doesn't have any stars, that has majority non-white leads on our very mainstream network?' They were a little scared of a show that was an anthology show about immigrants coming to America. That's how we pitched it to some traditional platforms, but they didn't want to do it.

Finally, Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon, who co-produced the show as well as Lee Eisenberg, Alan Yang, and Joshuah Bearman, among others, turned to Apple TV+. 

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As to why they chose Apple TV+ specifically in the end, Kumail stated,

We went with Apple because they seemed extremely passionate about it and they said they would trust us, let us make the show we wanted to make, and they would support it. We wanted the show to be something that was going to be accessible to a lot of people.

Those who watched and fell in love with the show have a piece of good news coming their way. The writers in collaboration with Apple TV+ have decided to begin a new podcast dedicated to the show, and it's contents. 

The team that brought anthology series 'Little America' to life.

The team that brought anthology series 'Little America' to life.
Source: Variety

Lee Eisenberg speaking to Forbes broke the news and revealed,

We're doing a podcast to delve more into the stories and the music on the show. There'll also be a playlist for every episode. We're putting out a book too. Apple has an infrastructure that just felt like it would be able to touch all of the different pieces that we wanted.

The streaming service, however, decided to keep tight lips on the matter, so it's still unclear to what extent exactly Apple will be involved in this project. It's also not clear when the "Little America" podcast or episode playlists will go live.

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One thing is sure though, this particular project will be a big leap for Apple TV+ into the world of original podcasts, if and when it comes to pass. To this day, Apple-produced podcasts are limited to things like Apple keynotes, special events, and quarterly earnings calls.

Watch: Little America — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The idea looks too attractive for the streaming service to pass over on. If Apple does decide to go through with this podcast, it will enter the original audio programming, which is something that's now becoming table-stakes in the streaming music wars.

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