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Meet Aubrianna Atwell - Late Paul Walker's Ex-Girlfriend and Best Friend

terry Published On Sun Jul 02 2023   Modified On Tue Jul 04 2023
Meet Aubrianna Atwell - Late Paul Walker's Ex-Girlfriend and Best Friend

Former model but real estate agent now, Aubrianna Atwell, another name after Rebecca Soteros and Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell came to the limelight after the late actor Paul Walker's horrible car crash death. 

Media and fans started to dig into Walker's personal life after his death and Atwell too got a lot of attention. She and Walker briefly dated and he even considered his best friend. 

Let's know more about her. 

Dated Paul Walker at 16

Aubrianna Atwell and the Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker dated back in 2003 and at the time she was just 16 and Walker was 30. They did not date for long and there was on and off between them.  The Californian law considers a person under 18 as a minor.

Aubrianna Atwell and Paul Walker used to date back in 2003.

Interestingly, Paul has dated other minors as well but Atwell is officially known to be the first. Later, he dated Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell when she was 16 too, but they continued their relationship for seven years until his death.

When they decided to end their relationship for good, they continue to be friends. Not only that, they have mentioned each other as their best friends. 

Death of Two Close People in a Week

The last week of November 2013 was life-altering for Atwell because two of her closest person in life were dead five days apart. It was her father and Paul. 

Atwell's father died at the age of just 63, he lost his life to cancer on November 25. Just five days after her father was dead, she heard another bad news that her friend Paul Walker has also died in a horrible car crash. 

David Atwell: Aubrianna Atwell's Father.

Suddenly, Atwell has lost two closest people in her life. Paul had also promised to attend her father's funeral that was to be held on December 8. 

Atwell's father has throat and lung cancer. 

Atwell's Father as Inspiration

Aubrianna's father David Atwell was a successful real estate broker in California and an inspiration to his daughter. 

Her father's inspiration was too powerful for her that she left her modeling career to be a real estate broker just like her father and she is currently doing well and working in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Her Father Thanked Paul Walker

Before Atwell's father took his last breath, a few days earlier, he emailed Paul Walker thanking him for his support to his daughter and for being one of the most important people in her life.

Aubrianna Atwell and Paul Walker Enjoying Sports.

I think he just knew his life was coming to an end. 

Paul Walker's Death

Aubrianna Atwell's former fling and best friend Late Paul Walker died on November 30, 2013, in a single-vehicle crash in Santa Clarita. 

The crashed car was driven by Roger Rodas who also died in the crash with Walker who is a good friend and business partner of Walker and co-owned a race car team. 

Rodas was driving the Red Porsche Carrera GT at 100 mph only to lose control and hit a tree and light pole. The sad news was that both inside the car survived but the car caught fire which took their life. 

The Scene of Paul Walker's Car Crash.

Later, both Rodas and Walker's families blamed Porsche for killing them and filed a lawsuit which was ruled out. 

Aubrianna Atwell Modeling

Before beginning her career as a real estate agent, Aubrianna was working in all kinds of modeling including fitness. 

Atwell's modeling was also going well and worked for various modeling companies. 

Atwell's Modeling Pictures

Here are a few pictures of her while she was modeling. 

Aubrianna Atwell in Black Bikini Posing.

Atwell considered herself a fitness model and her body was perfect for fitness modeling.

Aubrianna Atwell in White Lingerie.

She was a fantastic and hottest emerging model at that time but she quit to pursue her career elsewhere.

Aubrianna Atwell Fitness Modeling.

Atwell doing a fitness shot wearing Nike sportswear.

Young Aubrianna Atwell Modeling.

Atwell was very young when she started modeling.

Aubrianna Atwell Fit and Perfect Model.


Atwell's height is 5 feet and 5 inches.

Atwell's Real Estate Career

Aubrianna Atwell's career in real estate is good as it should be. She has been working as a Fine Home Specialist and Client Relations officer for The  Shapiro and Sher Group, Prudential Real Estate since March 2013. 

Before that, she did real estate work at Resort Properties of America from August 2006 to August 2011.


Atwell studied Business Administration at Santa Barbara City College, California, and did her Associate Degree from the College of Southern Nevada.

Walker's Afterlife Respect

Paul Walker, after his death got a lot of respect from his fans and family. His fans had made his house a popular destination and often many people visited outside the house and clicked pictures out of respect. 

His brother Caleb Walker and Cody Walker named their kids after his name to honor his memories.

Caleb and his wife Stephanie Branch named their firstborn son Maverick Paul Walker and Cody and Felicia Knox named their son Paul Barrette Walker.

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