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Brandon Flowers Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Heisenberg Published On Thu Sep 24 2020   Modified On Thu Sep 24 2020
Brandon Flowers Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of American singer, songwriter, and musician, Brandon Flowers.

American singer, songwriter, and musician Brandon Flowers is widely recognized as the lead singer and keyboardist of the Las Vegas-based rock band the Killers. In his music career with the band, he recorded six studio albums, which are 'Hot Fuss,' 'Sam's Town,' 'Day & Age,' 'Battle Born,' 'Wonderful Wonderful,' and 'Imploding the Mirage.'

Apart from his work with The Killers, Brandon Flowers also leads a solo career. As a solo music artist, he releases two albums, 'Flamingo' and 'The Desired Effect.' Just recently, Brandon performed with the Killers during halftime at the Las Vegas Raiders' home opener on September 21. The fans were surprised to see the incredible transformation of the 39-year-old lead singer, and some even did not immediately recognize him. He looked to have slimmed down significantly in comparison to what he looked during his last public appearance. How did he undergo such a tremendous change? Let's find out.

Did Brandon Flowers Undergo Weight Loss During Quarantine?

Brandon Flowers indeed underwent a significant weight loss, and it solely resulted from the changes he implemented in his lifestyle. Some of his fans were even concerned whether he was sick because of the weight loss, but it turns out that the weight loss stemmed merely from the rigorous exercise routine he follows strictly to maintain his body shape.

Brandon Flowers underwent a significant weight loss during the quarantine.

Brandon Flowers underwent a significant weight loss during the quarantine.
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In terms of his diet, Brandon Flowers recently revealed that he eats 'like a truck driver.' 'I must have a good metabolism,' he told about his diet in 2013, as per Distractify. But to maintain his weight, Brandon's workout routine plays the major part.

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Brandon Flowers works out five times a week to burn off the excess calories he accumulates by eating. 'I do cardio and weights. I mix the cardio up: I do elliptical, StairMaster, and bike to distribute the damage and not put it all on my knees,' he told Men's Health in 2015. 'There are lots of things I like about [exercising],' he added. 'I need to get out of the house sometimes. I really feel the benefits of running in my brain. I feel lighter on my feet. I've got a lot more energy… Fitness has helped me with the performances.'

Brandon Flowers' Early Life

Brandon Flowers was born on June 21, 1981, in Henderson, Nevada. He is the youngest of six children of his late mother, Jean Yvonne, and father, Terry Austin Flowers. His siblings include an older brother and four older sisters.

Brandon Flowers was born in Henderson, Nevada.

Brandon Flowers was born in Henderson, Nevada.
Source: Rolling Stone 

Brandon Flowers' family lived in Henderson till he was eight, and then they moved to Payson, Utah, where they lived for two years. After that, the family moved to Nephi, Utah, and at that time, Brandon was in the sixth grade. There, he lived till his junior year at Juab High School. After that, Brandon went to Las Vegas to live with his aunt and graduated from Chaparral High School in 1999.

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