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Home lifestyle Who is the Husband of Bria Myles? Find All the Details of Her Current Relationship Status Here

Who is the Husband of Bria Myles? Find All the Details of Her Current Relationship Status Here

Jenir Published On Tue Apr 13 2021   Modified On Tue Jun 07 2022
Who is the Husband of Bria Myles? Find All the Details of Her Current Relationship Status Here

Find all the details of the husband of Bria Myles here!

Bria Myles is a famous film actress, hip-hop model, and dancer. While all the models hit the spotlight with their appearances and attires, model Brya Myles keeps the limelight not only with her looks but also with her long list of boyfriends.

Bria Myles has been modeling with her hot body for more than seven years. She got more fame when she was mentioned in the famous rapper Drake‚Äôs songs, "From Time" and "Bria Interlude." 

Find Who is The Husband of Bria Myles

Bria Myles is not married to anyone till today. But she is famous for her relationships with famous celebrities. She is currently single but she has a very long list of her boyfriend.

Bria Myles's first boyfriend is Drake. When Drake mentioned Bria Myles in his songs their relationship was revealed. As soon as, their rumor got into media focus, Dake addressed the rumor from his side and made his feelings clear that there always has been a lot of girls who have come into his life and inspired and he likes to speak about those women through his songs. This clarified that  Bria has been an inspiration to him and the statement made it clear that they were not in a relationship.

Drake holding Bria Myles for the photo

Drake cleared the rumor that they are in a relationship.
Photo Source: Flickr

Before Bria's relationship with Drake cold down, her unusual relationship with Sean Newell Martini started. Their relationship hit the media when she posted a photo of them celebrating Sean's Birthday. Their relationship never really fascinated the likes of media, and even after their separation, it remained undisclosed.

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This time it was with a famous rapper, Tory Lanez. However, like the previous happenings, the relationship ended with undisclosed information. In  2017, she was repeatedly seen in a basketball studio. When she posted a photo with basketball player Victor Oladipo, she got the media highlight when she was found to attend his basketball match.

mirror selfie taken by bria myles current boyfriend while she is checking her purse.

Lately, Bria Myles is dating Sean Newell Martini
Photo Source: Mixed L4ve-Skyrockcom 

In March 2018, Bria's relationship with rapper Rich The Kid got highlighted in every media. This relationship was flashed out by Rich The Kid's wife. She leaked the Screenshots of text messages shared between Rich and Bria and soon get a divorce. But Bria has not confirmed or commented on these accusations. Except for the screenshot, there is no photo of them being together available on any social platform. Due to that, she might not have addressed the rumor as true or fake.

Bria Myles Personal Life Details Here!

Bria Myles (net worth) comes from the Afro-American ethnicity. Though her height of 5 feet and 6 inches, She did not stop following her dream to be a model.

Bria Myles comes from the Afro-American ethnicity.

Bria Myles comes from the Afro-American ethnicity.
Source: Bria Myles Twitter

Bria made a guest appearance with Tory Lanez. She also got highlighted in every celebrity site and channel after her Instagram post where Tory and Bria seem very attached to each other. 

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Later on, the picture of Tory embracing Bria triggered a rumor about their relationship. Soon after her post on Instagram, a new rumor spread of  Bria being pregnant with her baby of Tory. Indeed which is indeed just a rumor but not true.

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