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BTS Boys 10th Anniversary Celebration With Seoul in Purple and BTS Army

terry Published On Fri May 19 2023   Modified On Fri May 19 2023
BTS Boys 10th Anniversary Celebration With Seoul in Purple and BTS Army

BTS, the globally renowned band, is gearing up to celebrate its momentous 10th anniversary on June 13th. 

As reported by the Korean Herald, the band's agency, Hybe, has teamed up with the city of Seoul to organize a series of exciting events and surprises for devoted fans.

In honor of BTS and their remarkable milestone, Seoul will be adorned in vibrant purple, the color associated with the band and their loyal fanbase known as the "Army." 

Additionally, an enchanting "Army Road" will be set up, providing a space for fans to gather and commemorate this special occasion.

In recent years, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, BTS anniversaries have predominantly been celebrated online to adhere to safety protocols. 

However, with the situation gradually improving, the collaboration between Hybe and Seoul brings the hope of a more immersive and interactive experience for fans. While the exact details of the festivities are yet to be announced, Hybe has assured that once the plans are finalized, an official announcement will be made.

Currently, the members of BTS, namely Jin, RM, V, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook, are on a hiatus, each pursuing individual projects and ventures. 

The band's talent and hard work have garnered immense recognition, leading to their nomination for five Grammy Awards, including the prestigious Album of the Year category.

Although the precise timeline for their return remains unknown, BTS supporters have something to look forward to—a forthcoming autobiography that offers deeper insights into the band's extraordinary decade-long journey. 

Titled "Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS," the book is scheduled to be released on July 9th, providing fans with an opportunity to delve into the behind-the-scenes anecdotes and remarkable achievements of the group.

As the anticipation builds for both the 10th-anniversary celebrations and the release of their autobiography, BTS continues to captivate the hearts of millions around the world, solidifying their status as one of the biggest musical acts of our time.

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