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$1 Million Plastic Surgery: Singer Cher's Reversing Age and Atrocious Modification Rumors

terry Published On Tue Jan 24 2023   Modified On Tue Jan 24 2023
$1 Million Plastic Surgery: Singer Cher's Reversing Age and Atrocious Modification Rumors

How did Cherilyn Sarkisian (Singer Cher) manage to stay young like she has reversed the aging process? 

Everybody believes that she has gone through multiple surgeries which is true. The overall estimation of all the surgeries she has done adds up to $1 million including the alleged ones. But that's nothing compared to her $360 million dollars right? 

Moonstruck actress Cher says she is not ashamed of it but instead these surgeries have made her happy. She also said, "I will do whatever I want to do with my body". This is the reason she comes in the top 10 list of celebrities who have done multiple surgeries. 

Cher once called herself the "poster girl for plastic surgery

Singer Cher Almost Stays Same After more than 70 years of age. (Photo Compilation)

There is speculation that Cher and Maddona had a fierce rivalry in their prime and still going. Apparently, Maddona also had a few surgeries to look gorgeous and it looks like a competition between them. I got you Babe singer Cher is among the only five singer-actor who has won Oscars and has US Number one single.

Also, these two singers and actors have no problem openly admitting going under the knife to lift their faces. 

The reason both singers desperately want to stay younger and more glamorous is because of the pressure of the limelight after all both have a record of selling 100 million album sales. In an interview with The Guardian Cher expressed the inevitable feeling to be young when one is in the entertainment industry. 

YouTube Channel PhotoshopSurgeon has shown what kind of surgeries the If I Could Turn Back Time singer has done to prevent herself from looking older. 

According to this video, she has remodeled or done plastic surgery on almost all the parts of her face from forehead to chin, even touching her eyelids a bit.  

A renowned plastic surgeon from Mayo Clinic believes that not only has she improved her facial structures and tightened the skin but she has done neck life and eye surgery too. Not only that, Cher might have done a few non-surgical improvements too. 

Plastic Surgeries and Body Modifications of Cher 

Let's look at all the modifications, surgery, and non-surgical procedures that "Believe" songstress and 60's Icon Cher has done. All the detail below are either confirmed by her and few are purely noticeable that doesn't require any confirmation to know that something has been done.  

Clearly, she advocates plastic surgery and the charm of looking younger by reshaping the body.  

Dissatisfied With Her Breast Augmentation   

"Mamma Mia 2" Actress Cher was not satisfied with how her breast augmentation was done. When asked about her new breast she clearly showed dissatisfaction. Her exact words about her surgery were "botched" and "nightmare".  

Despite the fact, she said she is happy with everything and stated that she has always focused on staying healthy. Currently, she is also a non-smoker and a non-drinker.

Nose Job (Dorsal Hump)

Cher has admitted to having done rhinoplasty too. If you closely look at her early day's pictures and compare it to recent ones, you can see the differences. Her nose has gone sharper than before. The most noticeable change is that her dorsal hump nose has been smoothed out. The tip of the nose is changed too.  

There is a noticeable change in Cher's nose in the before and after comparison of these pictures.

The goddess of pop wants to look perfect in every way possible.

Straightening The Teeth

This is also no secret that Cher was trying to make her teeth straight and look beautiful since her early days. Her natural teeth were not straight at all and some of her teeth were under another.

Once, before the development of all the technological advancements in modern days, she used to wear braces. After being nominated for an Academy Award for the Thriller movie "Silkwood", she got rid of her braces.  

She still has not done surgeries for the teeth but straightening her teeth also has changed the shape of her face a bit. Also, the singer has whitened her teeth which has added a definite glow. Of Course! We all love to see clean smiling teeth.  

Admitted Facelift 

Cher has openly admitted to the surgical procedure of facelifting, which she is proud of constantly. She also defended the procedure by indicating that everybody in the industry has done it. Plastic Surgeons have also speculated that she has done the full facelift because her neck to looks smooth which makes her look attractive.

Cheek Implant Denied 

The pop goddess has clearly denied any modification when asked about the pumped cheeks. It looks so youthful on her and unnatural to have such a great pumped cheek at 75.  

Cher's Cheek looks alike after ten years.

It looks like she is using derma fillers for the cheeks. All we can say is that she is caring for her skin like no one else.  

Botox Injection 

She has clearly used a few botox injections because it is impossible to have a face without any visible wrinkles in the face after seven and a half decades of life.  


Cher has also corrected her eyelids to make her look prettier at her 70's. 

Rib Removal Rumors

One of the shocking rumors about Cher's body modification and plastic surgery is that she had removed her ribs to make her waistline thinner. It sounds atrocious to have done such modifications just to look a bit thinner.

Tummy Tuck Surgery 

While this topic is not discussed in the media, any fool can tell she has done tummy tucking. You can compare and analyze her before and after photos. 

When asked about this, the singer swore on her children's life that she had done no such thing. This is a relief. I know you were getting goosebumps already! 

Sad When People Think She Has Done Too Much

Cher has always been honest about her surgeries and open about it but people believe she has more than that to explain. The comment made by many people about her recent beauty has actually hurt her a bit. 

She gets sad when people think she has done modifications to all her body parts which is not true. She has tried some but not everything at hand.

Celebs Supporting Cher's Surgery

With all the time and money Cher has invested in surgeries for looking good, many believe that is for the best. Australian Model and Chris Judd's wife Rebecca Judd once couldn't stop praising the surgeon of Cher. 

Judd said that if someday she wants to do any kind of body modification, she is definitely going to hire Cher's surgeon. Judd said that Cher looking amazing over 70 years of age is simply amazing. 

Rebecca Judd hasn't done any surgery yet, but she spends much of her time on her appearances.  

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