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Home news Clint Eastwood Wins Against Cannabis Company, Earns Seven-Figure Settlement

Clint Eastwood Wins Against Cannabis Company, Earns Seven-Figure Settlement

Frances Published On Tue Oct 05 2021   Modified On Tue Oct 05 2021
Clint Eastwood Wins Against Cannabis Company, Earns Seven-Figure Settlement

Clint Eastwood Got A Good Victory Over Cannabis Company.

According to People, October 4, 2021, became the most incredible day for the veteran actor Clint Eastwood as the company that manages all the financial incomes of the film director won the case against the Cannabis Company. The company that has the rights to Eastwood's likeness won $6.1 million as the cash settlement from the opposite party in the case's final hearing.

Clint Eastwood won his final case against a cannabis company.

Clint Eastwood claimed his image and likeness back.
Photo Source: Instagram

91-year-old Clint filed a lawsuit against a Lithuanian CBD company claiming that the Breezy actor endorses the CBD products manufactured by the company. As a result, it had severe consequences to Eastwood's public image and likeness and compelled him to do so. 

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After fighting the legal battle against the company to maintain his pride and dignity among his fans, Eastwood, at last, won the total victory over the false accusations made by the cannabis company as per The New York Times

In addition to Clint's endorsement of CBD products, the manufacturing organization also released a video of the actor consuming the product and giving compliments, which turned out to be the resemblance of the "Today" show.

Clint Eastwood got $6.1 million and $95000 attorney's cash compensation.

Clint Eastwood got a permanent statement from the court not to misuse his image and likeness for the near future.
Photo Source: Instagram

The judge, R Glary Klausner of the United States District Court for the central district of South California, dismissed the case on behalf of Eastwood against the Mediatonas UAB as it failed to respond to the summons in March regarding the fabrication of Eastwood's interview. 

To conclude, it turned out the Medaitons UAB was just falsely accusing Clint of using the drugs and paid $6.1 million along with $95000 attorney's fees and a permanent statement that restricts other companies or organizations from misusing Clint's likeness and image.

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