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Home lifestyle Constance Wu's Relationship Status in 2021: Boyfriend, Marriage, Husband, and Baby Girl

Constance Wu's Relationship Status in 2021: Boyfriend, Marriage, Husband, and Baby Girl

Parker Published On Mon Jul 05 2021   Modified On Mon Jul 05 2021
Constance Wu's Relationship Status in 2021: Boyfriend, Marriage, Husband, and Baby Girl

Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu's Relationship Status.

The beautiful actress, Constance Wu, is one of the main stars of one of the highly successful movies, Crazy Rich Asians. Besides starring in the movie as Rachel Chu, she is also famous as Jessica Huang of the ABC series Fresh Off the Boat.

After starring in the hit movies, not only her popularity increased but also her fortune. As of 2021, she holds a massive net worth of $6 million.

When somebody becomes popular, then their fans get excited to know more about their favorite personality. The same goes for Constance Wu; her followers want to know about her personal life. Thus, here is some information on this topic.

Constance Wu's Relationship Status: Boyfriend, Marriage, Husband

Although Constance Wu earned a massive fan following, little is known about her personal life. It is because the sensational Asian-American actress does not reveal much about her private life. 

Wu is inactive on social media, which blocks the way for her fans to seek into her personal life. She does have an Instagram and Twitter account, but going through her bio, we found she marked both social pages defunct. Thus, she is no longer available on Instagram and Twitter.

Because Wu does not share her lifestyle on social pages, it is hard to point out anything about her married life. However, as noted by HITC, she is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan Kattner. So, who is her beau, Ryan?

Constance Wu is in a relationship with music composer and screenwriter Ryan Kattner who goes by the stage name Honus Honus.

Constance Wu is in a relationship with music composer Ryan Kattner.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Professionally, Ryan is a music composer and screenwriter. He goes by the stage name Honus Honus and fronts the rock band name Man Man

Talking about his work, Ryan dropped his first solo album in 2016, titled Use Your Delusion. Following year he was also credited as a music supervisor on Fox's The Exorcist TV series.

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It is unclear how things kicked off between Wu and Katter; further, when and where they first met is also unknown. However, one thing for sure they are happy living together, and if everything goes fine sooner or later, they might tie the knot.

Constance Wu and Ryan Kattner Welcomed Their First Child

Crazy Rich Asians actress Constance Wu is talented in keeping secrets from public eyes. She even privately welcomed a baby girl with her sweetheart Ryan Kattner. However, this news was so big that she could not keep it away from the crowd.

The news of Kattner and Wu's newborn child was confirmed by the latter manager Larry Taube, as noted by USA Today.

Constance Wu privately welcomed a baby girl with musician boyfriend Ryan Kattner.

Constance Wu and Ryan Kattner welcomed their first child.
Photo Source: Deadline

By now, it is clear that Wu is exceptionally private about her personal life and didn't even announce her pregnancy. However, Kattner is more active on the social pages, but somehow he also kept the news under the wrap.

After Wu's manager put things forward, she talked about the daughter in public. The Hollywood star spoke about her baby girl for the first time on The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon

When Jimmy questioned Constance about her baby girl during the show, she responded by saying that she had her in August 2020. Furthermore, she added, she is the best, full head of hair, and has a blue butt.  

Hollywood star Constance Wu spoke about her daughter for the first time on The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Constance Wu talking about their daughter on the Tonight Show.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Constance went on to explain behind her child's blue butt. According to Wu, it is called Mongolian spot, which happens in a lot of Asian babies. Since her boyfriend and she both are Asian, it might be possible.

A blue butt, or a Mongolian spot, is officially known as congenital melanocytosis. It is a flat birthmark and has a blue or blue-grey color which usually appears in the first few weeks of birth.

Fresh Off the Boat Star Constance Wu Dated Ben Hethcoat

Previously, Constance Wu dated a fellow actor Ben Hethcoat. When they were a thing, the couple looked very happy together. Unfortunately, the love birds broke up; however, they did share some beautiful memories.

The American star Constance Wu broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Ben Hethcoat

Constance Wu broke up with her ex-boyfriend Ben Hethcoat.
Photo Source: Superb hub

Constance revealed that she met Hethcoat in 2011 at her friend Ryan Spindell's Christmas Party through a tweet in 2015. The tweet confirmed that they were delighted together.

Talking about Ben's career, he worked as a director for Slamdance TV for two years. Hethcoat's first feature movie as a producer was Dead Dad that released in April 2012.

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When Wu was in a relationship with her white boyfriend, it caused quite a controversy on the Internet. Thus, despite enjoying each other's company for four years, they decided to part ways.

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