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Home net-worth Dakota Laden Net Worth in 2020: Find Out How Rich He Is

Dakota Laden Net Worth in 2020: Find Out How Rich He Is

Heisenberg Published On Thu Dec 17 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 27 2022
Dakota Laden Net Worth in 2020: Find Out How Rich He Is

Learn about the net worth and earnings of the 18-year-old filmmaker Dakota Laden.

Film-making, vlogs, and podcasts are some of the most popular activities young people are attracted to nowadays. With high-quality cameras, drones to capture videos from the air, and sophisticated sound systems that anyone can set up at their home, all of which come at affordable costs, many youths are rushing to create content in these fields. And if one can constantly come up with great ideas, those sectors can be very rewarding.

One of those brilliant young minds is Dakota Laden, the 18-year-old Minnesota native who's succeeded in establishing himself as a well-known filmmaker. His most prominent works include 'Allegiant,' 'Trail to Terror,' and 'The Last Witch Hunter.' So, how much money has he made from his work so far? Let's find out.

What is Dakota Laden's Net Worth?

As per Idol Net Worth, Dakota Laden holds an estimated net worth of $15.1 million. He made this amount of money at such a young age through the creation of comedic short films on his YouTube channel Shortfilmzz123. He gained fame through such content creation over the years and made a lot of money.

Dakota Laden holds an estimated net worth of $15.1 million.

Dakota Laden holds an estimated net worth of $15.1 million.
Source: Instagram

Dakota Laden rose to fame when he competed in the Ghost Adventures Mashup, a content that took place during the summer of 2011. Used as a build-up to the season 5 premiere, the winner of the contest would be featured on a lockdown with the Ghost Adventures Crew. He was the winner of the contest, and that helped him become popular.

After winning the contest, Dakota Laden and his father, Rob Laden, who also won the Ghost Adventures Mashup along with him, together appeared on 'Old Charleston Jail' and helped the Ghost Adventures Crew investigate.

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Rob Laden was locked up in a room by himself for 78 minutes for the 'Old Charleston Jail.' He conducted an EVP session while Dakota and the crew investigated other areas. He caught an EVP of a prisoner yelling, which he claimed in a phone interview later that he did not hear the yelling of any kind during the session.

Dakota Laden's YouTube Channel and Short Films

Dakota Laden, as a skilled cameraman, was invited in 2017 to be a part of the Ghost Adventures Crew. And he has used his talent to create a lot of his own video content and short films. He had been making comedic short films on his YouTube channel since 2008, so it was no surprise that he was excellent in his craft.

Dakota Laden has been making YouTube videos since 2008.

Dakota Laden has been making YouTube videos since 2008.
Source: Instagram

Dakota Laden has two YouTube channels, one is Dakota Laden, and another is Shortfilmzz123. His YouTube channel 'Dakota Laden,' which uses his own name, has 10.4k subscribers so far, and Shortfilmzz123 has over 65k subscribers. His most popular video so far is a Paranormal Activity 4 parody with over 1 million views.

Besides content on YouTube channels, Dakota Laden has worked in films such as 'Allegiant' (2016), 'Trail to Terror' (2016), and 'The Last Witch Hunter' (2015).

What is Dakota Laden Doing in 2022?

As of 2022, Dakota Laden is living his dream as a documentary filmmaker. He is doing fine professionally, and his work Destination Fear earned him massive popularity alongside fortune. Although the number isn't revealed, his social posts reflect he is good financially. 

Talking about Destination Fear, the show is all about exploring paranormal activities. Laden himself appears on-screen alongside his sister Chelsea Laden and his best friend, Tanner Wiseman. 

Yes, Dakota, 26, has a sister named Chelsea. She is a retired ice hockey goaltender. As of now, she is active as a television creator. Besides Chelsea, Dakota has three other siblings named Mykenna LadenTavian Laden, and Isabella Laden. 

Dakota is active on social handles, and he frequently updates his fans via his Instagram account. In addition, we can also get updates on his work through his Twitter account. 

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