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Home lifestyle Who is Dianne Holechek's Husband? Find the Details of Her Married Life Here

Who is Dianne Holechek's Husband? Find the Details of Her Married Life Here

Anjan Published On Fri Mar 19 2021   Modified On Fri Mar 19 2021
Who is Dianne Holechek's Husband? Find the Details of Her Married Life Here

Here's all you need to know about Dianne Holechek's husband.

Dianne Holechek is the name that comes up top when it comes to the personal life of the legendary actor, martial artist, and philanthropist Chuck Norris

Dianne herself is a model and an actress with very few roles in her career. These two started as high-school sweethearts in Torrance High School and tied the knot after dating for two years. 

Who is Dianne Holechek's Husband?

Dianne HOlechek and Chuck Norris

Dianne Holechek with Chuck Norris in an event
Credit: Pinterest

Since Dianne and Chuck got married at a very young age - 17 and 18 respectively, it was the first marriage for the both of them. They got married in 1958 in Los Angeles, California, and became parents to two children - Mike and Eric.

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While they were married for a long time, the marriage didn't last more than three decades. They broke up in 1988 after he was found out to have an extramarital affair and a kid from the relationship. 

Current Relationship Status of Dianne

While the couple parted their ways way back in 1988, Chuck Norris moved on and got married to Gena O'Kelly 10 years later; however, it didn't go the same for Holechek. 

Chuck Norris with his current wife, Gena O'Kelly

Chuck Norris and Gena O'Kelly

She pretty much remained single after their relationship hit rock bottom and the pair got a divorce. She probably decided to live a single life after becoming heartbroken from the break-off of a three-decade-long relationship. 

Who is Chuck Norris?

The ex-husband of Dianne Holechek, Carlos Ray 'Chuck' Norris, was enlisted in the United States Air Force at an early, where he got the nickname 'Chuck' that we know of today.

Chuck Norris is a well-known actor, director, philanthropist, and martial artist, known for his contribution to the Hollywood movie industry, and is involved in several social works, including the widely known 'Make-a-wish Foundation.' 

Chuck Norris as a ranger in tv-series, Walker

Chuck Norris in Walker

Norris was trained in martial arts in Korea during his early days from US Air Force and introduced a discipline Chun Kuk Do and trained several actors and actresses in Hollywood. He got his first big break when he was offered the role of the main villain in 'Way of the Dragon' in 1972, that too, alongside the legendary martial artist and the actor Bruce Lee.

The actor is now estimated to be worth over $70 million, which he earned through his acting career.

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Who are Dianne Holechek's Children?

The couple had their first child, Mike, in 1963, while the second one, Eric, in 1965. Both of them are well-known as an actor and a race car driver, both of which careers are only obvious as Chuck was a professional actor and loved the cars from an early age. 

Chuck Norris with his first son Mike Norris at an event

Mike Norris and Chuck Norris at an event
Credit: Celebrity News

Mike Norris has starred in numerous movies and tv-series including Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol, Bells of Innocence (along with Chuck Norris), Walker, Armeriggedon, Born American, Young Warriors, etc. and more popularly, Delta Force 3: The Killing Game. 

While Eric Scott Norris is a former race car driver and a stunt man and has the NASCAR Winston West Series Championship back in 2004, he has directed several tv-series including Walker.

Dianne has altogether seven grandkids - three from Mike Scott Norris, namely Max, Greta, and Hannah, and four kids from Eric, namely Camrynn, Chloe, Chanz, and Cash

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