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Home health Erica Lugo Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Erica Lugo Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Heisenberg Published On Tue Sep 08 2020   Modified On Tue Sep 08 2020
Erica Lugo Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the fitness trainer and TV personality, Erica Lugo.

Erica Lugo, a fitness trainer and television personality is now the newest trainer on the new season of 'The Biggest Loser.' She will now inspire the new group of people about weight loss and encourage them to engage in the journey that comes with several health benefits.

Erica Lugo, about six years ago, weighed an astonishing 322 pounds, and she never dreamed she would ever get any slimmer than that. But she later succeeded in losing more than 150 pounds of body weight. How was she able to do that? Let's find out.

How Did Erica Lugo Undergo a 150-Pound Weight Loss?

Erica Lugo began gaining weight since middle school. Her mother used to work a lot, and so she and her sister ate whatever snacks their mother left them. This way, they did not eat nutritious, healthy food, instead consumed on packaged products high in calorie and carbohydrate content.

Erica Lugo used to weigh 322 pounds before she embarked upon the weight loss journey.

Erica Lugo used to weigh 322 pounds before she embarked upon the weight loss journey.
Source: MSN

Over the years, Erica Lugo began gaining more and more weight. 'By the time I got to college, there was nothing holding me back from eating whatever I wanted,' she relates to her previous experience. 'There was no one around to tell me 'no,' and I didn't think there was anything wrong with eating fast food and pizza every day. Food aside, I also had no idea that working out and moving your body is important. I'd never been to the gym, and I never really felt the need to go.'

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But Erica came to realize later in her adult years that she needed to give some consideration to her body weight. She was one day sitting on the couch when her three-year-old son looked up to her and asked her to play with him. But she couldn't, and she said no.

'I vividly remember sitting on that couch with zero energy, eating some kind of snack, not wanting to get up because doing so felt like too much effort,' she remembers. 'At that moment, something clicked. I looked at my son and realized that I brought him into this world, and he deserves so much more than a mom who doesn't even have the energy to play with him. I had to make a change, and I needed to make it fast while I had the motivation.'

Erica Lugo Began Reducing Her Calorie Intake and Increased Engagement in Physical Activity

Erica Lugo decided to lose weight for her own good and began reducing her calorie intake. She also started to become active in physical activities. She started small, but those changes were some important ones in her new lifestyle. 

She also gradually began to eat smaller portions of food, which helped a lot in her weight loss journey. 'At the time, I didn't know that those came with their downsides too, but to be honest, all things considered, it was a good place to start,' she said. 'Eventually, I began educating myself on food and started learning about fat, carbs, proteins, and how to eat balanced meals that fueled me versus comforted me.'

Erica Lugo engaged in a healthy diet plan and proper workout routine to undergo weight loss.

Erica Lugo engaged in a healthy diet plan and proper workout routine to undergo weight loss.
Source: Women's Health

In addition to the change in her diet, Erica Lugo also focused on working out to supplement the diet plan she followed. 'When it came to fitness, I started by joining a local Planet Fitness,' she said. 'I went in the mornings before my son woke up and began by just walking on the treadmill. A few weeks in, I felt comfortable challenging myself and would jog for 30-seconds a few times during my walk. I just kept building upon that goal. Soon, I was jogging for the length of one song on my playlist, then two songs. My goals just kept growing from there.' This way, she succeeded in undergoing a massive transformation, losing 150 pounds in the process.

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