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Home lifestyle Ethan Is Supreme Racist Tweets Controversy - What was His Cause of Death?

Ethan Is Supreme Racist Tweets Controversy - What was His Cause of Death?

Bran Published On Tue Sep 08 2020   Modified On Tue Sep 08 2020
Ethan Is Supreme Racist Tweets Controversy - What was His Cause of Death?

The past week was a big shock to the internet world as YouTube star cum beauty influencer Ethan Peter lost his life. Let us get into details regarding his death and the controversy he went throughout his life.

The current age is the time of digitalization, and beauty influencer Ethan is Supreme managed to make a reputation over social media platforms. While he inspired many youths with his content in the sector of beauty and glamour, he earned a fair share of criticism with his racist tweets. Even after his death, not everyone bid him a proper farewell, as many believed it was the act of Karma. 

Ethan is Supreme's expertise in the beauty world is quite widespread, considering that he had over 561,000 followers on her Instagram. The internet personality died last week, as confirmed by his father, Gerald, to Fox News. The cause of death isn't confirmed just yet, but we bring you all the speculations surrounding that right here. Stay with us to know the death, cause of death, and the controversies Ethan Peters got into while he lived. 

Ethan is Supreme's Cause of Death Speculated to Be Drug Overdose

Ethan Peters in a black dress poses for a picture.

Ethan is Supreme died at the young age of 17.
Photo Source: NY Daily News

When the beauty influencer Ethan is Supreme passed away, the whole online makeup community was shaken. In fact, Peters widened his expertise among top personalities like Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, and Manny MUA. It was his father, Gerald first found out that his beloved son was dead on the morning of 5th September 2020. Shockingly, he was lying dead on the bathroom floor as Gerald found him.

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As a couple of days passed by since Ethan left this world, the investigation team hasn't come up with a fitting conclusion regarding the cause of his death. Interestingly, his father opened up in an interview on what he believed that the makeup star died due to drug overdose. 

Ethan Peters in a black designer dress poses for a picture.

Ethan Peters was found dead in the bathroom by his father.
Photo Source: US Weekly

The shocking demise left that whole Ethan is Supreme's fanbase in shatters. One of his close friends, Ava Louise, labeled him as the 'best friend in the entire world.' Surprisingly, they did talk with each other on FaceTime during the night before his demise. Moreover, the influencer also disclosed how it was the worst pain she ever endured. In fact, she was also very close to Ethan Peters' parents. 

Ethan is Supreme Racist Tweets Stirred Up Massive Controversy

Ethan Peters gathered thousands of fans through his engaging content and expertise regarding beauty. However, he also earned a fair share of haters as his presence on social media wasn't like inspiring. Honesty was one of his best qualities, but he often took matters too far, which wasn't admired well by the public. 

Ethan Peters in a black t-shirt poses for a picture.

Ethan Peters also came into the headlines for making racist comments.
Photo Source: Yahoo News

In the past, Ethan Peters even made fun of Thomas Halbert, who suffered from an eating disorder, which riled up many people to turn against him. As the incident got massive hype, the late influencer did come out and put on an apology video. Despite that, Thomas did say how it wasn't a convincing apology that could be acceptable. Following his death,a Twitter user wrote, 'Dont be a racist with the trending #Ethanissupreme tag.

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