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Everything Melissa Gorga's Opened Up about Her Plastic Surgery Endeavors

Alizeh Published On Sun Mar 22 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 22 2020
Everything Melissa Gorga's Opened Up about Her Plastic Surgery Endeavors

Here are all the details about what Melissa Gorga said on her body modification surgeries!

Ever since Melissa Gorga joined the cast of Bravo's reality television series 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' in 2011, her life changed, to say the least. Shooting across the entertainment realm of the Hollywood world, the native of Toms River, New Jersey, gained much popularity and became a topic of gossip among most people. Furthermore, she made use of her newfound fame to write, sing, design, and also become a businesswoman.

American reality TV star Melissa Gorga.

American reality TV star Melissa Gorga.
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After her appearance as a reality star, Melissa not only gained the confidence to venture into the musical field but also publish a book titled 'Love, Italian Style: The Secret of My Hot and Happy Marriage' through St. Martin's 'Griffin' in 2013. The designer not only introduced her own jewelry line on Home Shopping Network in 2014 but also opened a clothing boutique called 'Envy by Melissa Gorga' a year later in Montclair, New Jersey, in premises built by her husband.

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Like most in her position, it's no news that Melissa, too, made modifications to her physique to achieve a better-looking version of herself. While many choose to keep the details of their plastic surgeries under wraps, Gorga doesn't hesitate to talk about hers.

Melissa Gorga Opens Up About Plastic Surgery

The reality TV personality Melissa Gorga began opening up about her body modifications since last year in a commercial for Fiber One alongside the Real Housewives Sonja Morgan and Porsha Williams. In an interview with Glamour, Melissa not only came all out about her procedures but also uttered that plastic surgeries were nothing to be ashamed about.

Melissa Gorga opens up about plastic surgery.

Melissa Gorga opens up about plastic surgery.
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Gorga said, "If something is going to make you feel a little more confident—if you want the bump out of your nose, if you want to enhance your boobs, whatever it may be—it's fair and it's you. If it makes you feel good, then good for you."

Melissa Gorga's Plastic Surgery Details

As far as the body modification surgeries go, Melissa Gorga's had her fair share and isn't particularly hiding any of it. She is, in fact, proud of the changes that she made in her body through professional help. In an interview with Glamour, Melissa admitted to getting work done on her nose and breasts. The inspiration to reshape her nose came after she watched the first season of Housewives, whereas the star always had breast implants since her 20s.

Melissa Gorga is open about her body modification surgeries.

Melissa Gorga is open about her body modification surgeries.
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Gorga muttered, "If I'm being brutally and totally honest, I think it was watching my first season of Housewives. When you see yourself back on TV sometimes you say, "Oh, I didn't know I had a little lump in my nose." As far as my breasts go, I've had them since I was in my 20s, so it wasn't about that for me. My nose was definitely from suddenly going from being a housewife to being on TV and in magazines."

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Melissa further added, "I was like, "I never noticed that. I think if I do that little tweak, it'll make me feel better." And I did it and was happy with my results. I mean, everybody's different but for me that's what it was."

Melissa Gorga Debated Butt Implants Because of Her Husband

In the same interview with Glamour, Melissa also admitted to being attracted to butt implants. The fitness freak is always working out to keep her body in shape, whether she's on TV or not. However, when her husband Joe Gorga convinced her she didn't need it, Melissa refrained from getting one.

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When asked by Glamour if there is anything she's thinking about doing, Melissa replied: "Oh no, you mean work done, right? I'm seeing a lot of butts on Instagram. But my husband's not into it. I was like, 'Fine.' I'm just so sick of squatting."

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