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Home lifestyle Is Griffin Gluck Racist? Here's the Full Story!

Is Griffin Gluck Racist? Here's the Full Story!

Bran Published On Sat Sep 19 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 08 2022
Is Griffin Gluck Racist? Here's the Full Story!

Sabrina Carpenter's ex-boyfriend Griffin Gluck recently made it to the headlines as the online community lauded him as a transphobic and a racist man. Know all the details right here.

Griffin Gluck is quite a reputed personas in the entertainment industry as he appeared in several shows and movies. In fact, he remains famous for playing the central role of Charlie in 'Red Band Society' and Mason Warner in 'Private Practice.' Likewise, his contribution to Netflix hit series, 'Locke & Key' helped the 20-year-old create a massive name so early. 

At the mere age of 20, Griffin Gluck appeared in over twenty television shows and the Hollywood entertainment industry. Having started acting at the young age of nine, there are no doubts about his talents as an artist. However, the youngster is finding it difficult to cope as he was caught up in controversies that surrounded him in a racist and transphobic act. Grab all the details regarding the issue right here.

Internet Fuming Over Griffin Gluck's Racist Behaviour

Griffin Gluck with fellow actor Pete Davidson.

Griffin Gluck with fellow actor Pete Davidson.
Photo Source: Instagram

It is extremely important for young celebrities like Griffin Gluck to have some expertise by their side so that they don't get ahead of themselves. The 'Locke & Key' actor, who was inspiring the teens before this, just left a horrible example through a racist act that was spotted online. 

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Sabrina Carpenter's ex-boyfriend was caught 'liking' a series of tweets several months ago, that clearly conveyed transgender, fatphobic, and racist messages. While actors and celebrities are supposed to inspire and influence the community, the teenage actor's behavior was completely shambolic and disappointing. 

Griffin Gluck's racist comment on Instagram caused all the controversy.

Griffin Gluck's racist comment on Instagram caused all the controversy.
Photo Source: Instagram

Even if Griffin Gluck had justifications for liking the racist and transgender comments, if any, someone did find his old Instagram comment where he used the n-word. The two instances were big enough for the internet to rile up against the television star. Whatever reputation that Griffin earned so far, he needs to change his attitude soon, not to let that all go away.

Griffin Gluck's Ex-Girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter Made An Apology

The romantic relationship of Griffin Gluck with fellow actress cum singer, Sabrina Carpenter, for whatever time it lasted, got a lot popular. Although the celebrity duo parted ways with a break-up in early 2020. the bond between them was very strong when they were together. That explains why Carpenter gave a bold statement apologizing for her ex-lover's embarrassing online behavior.

Griffin Gluck in a brown sweater poses for a picture with Sabrina Carpenter.

Griffin Gluck's ex-girlfriend apologized on the behalf of her beau.
Photo Source: Hawtceleb

Carpenter's statement said that she was 'terribly sorry that someone she was associated with had done things in the past which makes them question her character in the present.' Furthermore, she even made it clear how she wasn't in support of any of those actions and made her sympathy known for those who fell victim to it. While the fans weren't fully convinced with the apology, most of them are still furious that Griffin hasn't made a public apology to this date.

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