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How Rich is Reality Star Jenelle Evans?

Alizeh Published On Tue Feb 25 2020   Modified On Tue Feb 25 2020
How Rich is Reality Star Jenelle Evans?

MTV's Teen Mom 2's cast Jenelle Evans rose to fame from the show, but she was initially chronicled on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, where she gave birth to a son Jace with father Andrew Lewis. After giving birth to son Jace Vahn Evans in 2009 with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis.

In 2012, Jenelle married Courtland Rogers with whom she quickly separated, divorcing formally two years later. In a surprising turn of events, she announced that she was divorcing her husband of two years, David Eason, in October 2019.

Court documents revealed a lengthy history of verbal and physical abuse that Evans and her children suffered at the hands of Eason.

How rich is Jenella Evans?
Source: International Business Times

We all know the dramatics of MTV Teen Mom show and its audience pull because of all the drama. Jenelle's become a widely known TV personality from the show, which got her all the glam, fame and money. Let's look into how rich Jenelle Evans is.

Jenelle Evans Net Worth Collection

As of February 2020, the net worth of Jenelle Evans is estimated at around $2 million. She was a big star in Teen Mom 2 and was paid a hefty sum of $100 thousand for the show.

Jenelle also falls under the top 5 richest teen mom' stars. During a radio interview, Jenelle stated that she made around $500,000 off her name in the series.

jenella sitting with a guy on teen mom show

Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 
Source: Monsters and Critics

Evans reportedly pulled in a whopping $400,000 in 2018 from her contract with Viacom (MTV). Eason (her husband) allegedly earned $60,000 from his Viacom contract. 

Evans pulled in that much from filming, plus she probably made additional money from appearances and business deals outside the show. People speculate that they make a lot more than they say.

jenella and david standing infront of their new home

Jenelle and David in their new home
Source: Cafe Morn 

The reality star along with her ex-husband owns a gorgeous house with dark wood accents, high ceilings and soft carpeted floors in their living room, and a magnificent bathroom with a vanity Kylie Jenner would approve of and colossal Jacuzzi tub with tile accents.

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Her kitchen is also stunning, with shiplap floors, stainless steel appliances, and a vast marble island. Plus, the outside is beautiful, too, including a pool for family fun, classic grey siding, and a gorgeous porch, which might've cost her a hefty sum of money.

Jenelle's new SUV 
Source: Starcasm

Jenelle owns a Dodge Durango SUV, which is an amazingly fancy whip, with the price starting at $45,500.

Jenelle Evans and David Evans Problematic Relationship 

Jenelle reportedly filed a divorce against her husband, David. The pair were together on the show Teen Mom, which was a dramatic sight for all the viewers.

Her mother, Barbara, once said that David is the worst guy she's ever been with. But, despite everything, Jenelle just can't seem to him.

jenelle with david on the red carpet

Jenelle Evans with her former husband David Eason. 
Source: Cheat sheet 

Recently Jenelle announced that she is back with husband David. David is a very problematic guy; people can't wrap their heads around why Evans is going back to him considering some of the horrendous things he's done. 

david kissing dog nugget on the lips

Jenelle's dog Nugget 
Source: In touch weekly 

David's killed Jenella's dog Nugget; he is homophobic (which got him kicked out of the show) and the fact that she filed a divorce saying how he was abusive to her and her kids. 

However, Jenelle reconciled with David and is now back living with him. Evans said, "He has a lot to prove to me, and he has a lot to change about himself, and he knows that." 

jenelle and david with their4 kids

Jenella and David with the kids.
Source:  In Touch Weekly 

The reality star insisted, "I just want everyone to know if David and I did reconcile things, it's because of issues me and he had between ourselves." 

She explains how her kids are happy to be back living with David, and she also changed her story, saying that her kids were never abused.

Watch: David talk about killing Jenelle's dog 

We can say Jenelle is confused or just out of her mind because she believes she has to be with David for her kids or is in denial about things he's done.

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