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Home lifestyle Jameis Winston is Married to Longtime Girlfriend Turned Wife Breion Allen!

Jameis Winston is Married to Longtime Girlfriend Turned Wife Breion Allen!

Bran Published On Thu Nov 19 2020   Modified On Thu Nov 19 2020
Jameis Winston is Married to Longtime Girlfriend Turned Wife Breion Allen!

Know about the personal details and married life of the NFL star, Jameis Winston with his beloved wife Breion Allen.

Jameis Winston is a prominent figure in the football world right now, as he recently made his move to the New Orleans Saints. You would be quite surprised to know how the Alabama based quarterback was actually the round 1 pick 1 for the 2015 NFL draft of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 26-year-old proved to become a pivotal figure for the side for the next four years, leading the league charts for passing yards, completions, and attempts.

2020 was a year of change in whole humanity due to several uncalled circumstances, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jameis Winston even opted for a change in his professional journey as he signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans Saints to serve as the backup to megastar Drew Bees. Apart from professional endeavors, he even enjoyed a personal milestone by getting married in early 2020. Grab the details on who his lucky wife is and how the sports athlete found his soulmate.

Who Is Jameis Winston Married To? 

Jameis Winston poses a picture with wife Breion Allen.

Jameis Winston and his wife Breion Allen tied the knot in March 2020.
Photo Source: Heavy

Being a sports athlete, the ups and downs are quite natural for Jameis Winston. The lows are quite depressing as the football world exposes you to career-threatening injuries and depressing forms. However, being with a person who supports you throughout all of that is something that gives you enough confidence to deal with it. The New Orleans Saints' quarterback owes much credit to his newlywed wife, Breion Allen.

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Jameis Winston recently enjoyed a romantic success as he exchanged his vows with Breion Allen on March 27, 2020. Since the Coronavirus outbreak had just begun, the NFL athlete couldn't tie the knot in the most lavish ways possible. Interestingly, the love birds got married in a private wedding ceremony at their residence itself. Their dream wedding was scheduled to be in April, surrounded by their family and friends.

Jameis Winston in a white kit poses a picture.

Jameis Winston and his wife Breion Allen share a baby boy together.
Photo Source: SB Nation

Although COVID-19 impacts the whole world and even caused a lockdown in the United States, they couldn't stop Jameis from getting married to the love of his life. He met his partner longtime back in Alabama itself since they went to the same high school, where they first actually started to date. After multiple years of dating, Jameis went down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend Breion on May 19, 2018. He presented her with a dashing diamond ring, to which his beau responded, 'yes!'

Jameis Winston's Past Scandal Didn't Affect His Love Life

The personal life of NFL star Jameis Winston has never been short of controversies and scandals. Surprisingly, he was alleged of doing sexually assault by accuser Erica Kinsman. Later, the two settled their matter out of court in December 2016, three years after it first began. His track record with the law was never smooth before he joined the NFL was a Burger King employee called cops on him in 2013 with the accusation of stealing a soda. Consequently, he went through 20 hours of community service and got himself suspended from college baseball activity for the time being.

Jameis Winston and his wife Breion Allen pose for a picture.

Jameis Winston was accused of sexual assault in November 2013.
Photo Source: Houston Chronicle

You would be quite surprised to know how Winston even received an accusation for groping a female Uber driver in 2016. With such a bad record, there are serious doubts about Jameis when it comes to character. Despite all that, his romantic life with his wife was left untouched as he and his beau gave birth to a baby son, Antonor, on June 29, 2018, before they actually got married. The 26-year-old named his boy after his father.

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