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Home health James Martin's Weight Loss, TV Chef Lost 5-Stone in 2 Months

James Martin's Weight Loss, TV Chef Lost 5-Stone in 2 Months

Kenshinpark Published On Thu Jul 09 2020   Modified On Thu Jul 09 2020
James Martin's Weight Loss, TV Chef Lost 5-Stone in 2 Months

James Martin is an English chef and television personality who gained popularity after his TV work with BBC and ITV. The celebrity chef presented 'Saturday Kitchen' from 2006 and 2016. 

After that, the chef presented 'James Martin's French Adventure' in 2017, 'Saturday Morning with James Martin' from 2017 to present, and 'James Martin's American Adventure' in 2018 for ITV.

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No doubt, the celebrity chef has all the fame he deserves, but recently the 48-year-old is getting all the attention for something completely different. Martin has undergone a massive weight loss, and people can't get enough to talk about his recent transformation. Let's find out more about his weight loss.

James Martin Weight Loss

So the celebrity chef recently took to his social media and shared pictures of him, showing ten years of transformation. James Martin showcased his first weight loss in 2018, where he lost seven pounds. 

James Martin Weight Loss

Photo Source: Express

The celebrity chef revealed his TV appearances motivated him to make a drastic change on him. Talking to Mail Online, James said, "You kind of watch and go, 'oh God there's a bit of chin happening there,' and everybody's TVs are more prominent now."

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Talking to the Sun, James further added, "Before you used to watch TV on a small one and now they're massive. Working in the public eye, he revealed negative comments persuaded him to change his lifestyle. I looked on social media, and every comment was about me being fat," he told The Sun. So I lost a stone-and-a-half. And no doubt I'll lose another stone on this tour."

How Did James Martin Lose Weight?

According to the reports, James Martin cut down butter and foods high in fat to help him lose weight. The celebrity chef said, "If you want to do Weight Watchers, this show probably isn't for you! I have double cream, full-fat milk, cheese, and butter, and that's just for one of the side orders on this tour."

James Martin Weight Loss

Photo Source: Express

James Martin further added, "But I like food. I've always been surrounded by food. I was brought up on a farm; I worked on a farm producing pigs. You have to understand food, and I am seriously passionate about ingredients."

So, that was pretty easy; you just need to cut down fat-containing food; however, there are also reports that suggest he also lost a massive weight while competing on 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2005, but that was a long time back.

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