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Home health Jane Krakowski Weight Loss: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Jane Krakowski Weight Loss: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Heisenberg Published On Mon Feb 15 2021   Modified On Thu May 19 2022
Jane Krakowski Weight Loss: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Learn all the weight-loss details of the 'Name That Tune' host Jane Krakowski.

Jane Krakowski is engaged in Fox's new music game show named 'The Masked Singer.' In the series, contestants' music knowledge is tested in a series of challenges over one hour. The series also features the former 'American Idol' judge Randy Jackson, who serves as the bandleader.

Krakowski's best known for her role on '30 Rock,' for which she got four Primetime Emmy Award nominations. But besides her acting career, people are also interested in her personal life. Many were curious to learn how Jane maintains her body and manages to undergo weight loss. Below, we take a look at the details of these topics.

How Did Jane Krakowski Undergo Weight Loss?

Jane Krakowski gave birth to her son Bennett Robert Godley in April 2011. As much as she was happy to welcome her child into this world, she was also concerned about the baby weight she gained after she gave birth.

Jane Krakowski worked hard to lose her body weight in 2011.

Jane Krakowski worked hard to lose her body weight in 2011.
Source: Instagram

To slim down, Krakowski adopted a healthy diet plan and fitness routine. She avoided any type of food items high in carbohydrate content and sugar. Jane also limited her alcohol intake and consumed many fruit and vegetable items instead.

Jane also supplemented her diet by going through an intense workout routine. She hired a personal trainer and worked out regularly to burn extra calories. 

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'Good old-fashioned hard work is the way I'm getting rid of the baby weight,' Krakowski said at the time. 'I've been spinning a lot and working out with a personal trainer. I'm excited to get into my Emmy dress!'

Jane Krakowski Still Follows a Healthy Diet Plan and Workout Routine to Maintain Her Weight

Jane Krakowski still follows all the weight-loss routines to maintain her body weight at present. So, she rocks an incredible body even at the age of 53. But she takes a few unique approaches while maintaining her body shape.

Jane Krakowski follows a proper diet and fitness routine to maintain healthy body weight.
Source: Instagram

While working out, Krakowski tries different types of exercises to burn calories in her body. In an interview with the New York Post, she said that she prefers 'exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.' In addition to normal exercise, she also dances, which is also a form of exercise. She also runs to engage in intense physical activity.

According to Delish, Jane Krakowski is engaged in Mile High Run Club. 'It's indoor long-distance marathon training, and they keep your time,' she described the club to People. 'I'm one of those people who likes to watch the numbers — your time and calories — click!'

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Regarding her diet, Jane Krakowski is 95 percent vegetarian. 'Those are just the foods I tend to enjoy the most,' she says. 'But I do think it's advantageous health-wise.'

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