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Home health Jasmine Harman's Weight Loss Story, The Presenter Lost 2-Stone in Three Months

Jasmine Harman's Weight Loss Story, The Presenter Lost 2-Stone in Three Months

Kenshinpark Published On Mon Jul 06 2020   Modified On Mon Jul 06 2020
Jasmine Harman's Weight Loss Story, The Presenter Lost 2-Stone in Three Months

Jasmine Harman (born Jasmine Isabelle Harman) is an English presenter who is widely known for co-presenting the Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun: Home or Away?' We love watching her on TV, and because she is so easy on eyes, right?

Harman, who started her TV career from the year 2004, has filmed over 200 episodes alongside her co-host Jonnie Irwin. Harman's show also gets featured on More4, Discovery Real-Time, and Discovery Travel & Living. 

Jasmine also gets featured on property, travel, health, and lifestyle shows for 'This Morning,' 'GMTV', and the Travel Channel. But recently, the presenter is stealing attention from audiences following her massive transformation. 

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The TV presenter has lost more than two stones within 12 months, and that's surprisingly impressive. However, it's Nothing new for the presenter to get into a fitness regime as she had a career in the health and fitness industry before diving right into a TV career.

Let's find out how Jasmine Harman lost more than two stones.

Jasmine Harman Weight Loss

People noticed something different about the presenter and seemed fairly happier than before. Actually, it was because Jasmine Harman has undergone a massive weight loss, the presenter lost two stones. 

Jasmine Harman weight loss.

Photo Source: Express

Jasmine took to her social media to share the news and also revealed why she lost the weight. On her post, Harman wrote, "I just felt really uncomfortable, I just felt so big, and when you're on TV you don't want to have all lumps and bumps, you want to look nice in your clothes whatever size you are."

The presenter continued, "If you're wearing a figure-hugging dress and you've got bulges then… I think for a while I was having to wear shapewear under my clothes and when it was hot I was like, 'Why do I have to wear this stuff, I am twice as hot now?'"

So, according to the reports, the presenter decided to get back in shape after her five years old daughter started school. Jasmine said, "I just figured it's time now, and something was ready in me, and I was like, 'I am just going to get on with it now."

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Jasmine further added, "Nothing will stand between me and my exercise and just being healthy and fitter. It feels nice and different."

How Did Jasmine Harman Lose Weight?

Jasmine Harman often updates her Instagram followers about her weight loss journey. During her announcement of her big milestone, the presenter wrote, "I've managed to lose two stone (28lbs/12.7kgs) since this time last year. (sic) "

Jasmine Harman weight loss.

Same swimwear, different figure.
Photo Source: Express

Harman continued, "I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way, too many to name and lots not on insta, but thank you all, and for all the encouragement and supportive comments on my #weightlossjourney I am truly grateful. I feel fitter and healthier, more energetic, more confident, and happier!"

The presenter revealed she finally found a balanced diet, which helped her lose weight, with some exercise, of course. Jasmine diet consisted of "eating more whole vegan foods and less junk, smaller portions, less alcohol, fewer snacks like crisps and biscuits, and definitely a lot less bread."

So, that's the secret of Jasmine Harman's incredible weight loss, if you are someone who has started or just thinking of starting your own weight loss journey, just follow Jasmine on her Instagram and accept the weight loss challenge she has been putting to her followers.

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