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Who is Jeanie Buss' Boyfriend in 2020?

Bran Published On Tue Oct 13 2020   Modified On Tue Oct 13 2020
Who is Jeanie Buss' Boyfriend in 2020?

Know about the NBA champion LA Lakers' sports executive Jeanie Buss and her latest boyfriend in 2020.

Jeanie Buss is a renowned personality in the world of sports as the president of Los Angeles Lakers of the reputed National Basketball Association (NBA). Following her team's sixteenth NBA Championship courtesy to their star players LeBron James and Anthony Davis, she couldn't be much happier. Apart from the basketball franchisee, she also serves as the co-owner of the Women of Wrestling promotion. 

Considering her numerous professional involvements, one might expect that Jeanie Buss would be busy enough to dedicate her time to her romantic life. She was married once in the past to ex-husband Steve Timmons, but following her divorce, her marital journey was over. Her adventurous personality helped her move on from her broken marriage by dating several men. So, stay with us to know who is the empowered woman currently in a relationship with.

Jeanie Buss Is Single In 2020 Following Break-Up With Phil Jackson

Jeanie Buss poses a picture with ex-boyfriend Phil Jackson.

Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson broke up after four years of their engagement.
Photo Source: The New York Times

When it comes to marriage and relationships, Jeanie Buss might not be someone who is very lucky. While she is a one-time divorcee in her first and only marriage, her romance with legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson also didn't pan out as she would have hoped. When she went out with Phil, the duo made their affair get into the headlines as well, but following their shocking break-up, Buss is currently single and maybe looking for a new boyfriend.

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The incredibly wealthy Jeanie Buss and her ex-boyfriend Phil Jackson shared quite a history between them since they dated for several years. As per reports, the two first started seeing each other in 2001. In fact, the former sweethearts were engaged for four different years before they decided to part ways in 2016. Although all of their fans were expecting a wedding date, their break-up came out of the syllabus.

Jeanie Buss poses a picture with Phil Jackson while they were dating.

Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson started dating in 2001.
Photo Source: New York Post

To give a defense for their break-up, Jeanie Buss said that the distance between them as they lived on different coasts following Phil's move to the New York Knicks; for work. Despite going on separate paths, the sweethearts of the past seem to share a soft spot between them as the LA Lakes executive wished her ex-boyfriend cum fiancee a birthday wish tweet on  September 18, 2020.

Jeanie Buss' Past Boyfriends and Husband

Jeanie Buss might not be active in her dating game in recent times, but in the past, she was quite open to relationships in the past Before her affiliation with Phil, she had a brief stint with fellow basketball player, Dennis Rodman, aka 'The Worm.'  

Jeanie Buss posted this picture on how it started and how it is going.

Jeanie Buss posted a picture with Lebron James celebrating their NBA victory at the weekend.
Photo Source: Twitter

The 59-year-old diva previously had the taste of marriage as well with ex-husband Steve Timmons. Judging by her choice of guys, she seems to have a thing for athletes as her former partner was a professional volleyball player. They exchanged their vows in 1990 but failed to sustain their love. Eventually, they got divorced in 1993, and Jeanie said that she 'never put marriage first,' and it was only 'business that attracted her.'

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