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Home lifestyle Jesse Sebastiani — Facts You Need to Know

Jesse Sebastiani — Facts You Need to Know

Bran Published On Thu Mar 05 2020   Modified On Mon Jul 18 2022
Jesse Sebastiani — Facts You Need to Know

In this digitized generation, YouTube has been a stepping stone for many individuals to kick-start their careers and rise to prominence. Jesse Sebastiani is one of them, and here are some intriguing facts about him.

Ever since meeting Kyle Forgeard in 2014 on MTV Canada, Jesse Sebastiani kickstarted his YouTube journey to create his name as the 'NELK boys'. Courtesy of their prank videos online, Sebastiani's channel grew famous with over 7.43 million subscribers, but not every reaction was as he would have liked.

The 28-year-old YouTuber embarked on his journey in October 2010, with the likes of Forgeard and twins, Niko Martinovic and Marko Martinovic. Burning the midnight oil for a long, the charming artist rose to the very top of the entertainment industry; however, many inside details might see him quit his career. Some of the most surprising facts about Jesse Sebastiani are as follows: 

► Prank Gone Wrong: Jesse Sebastiani Got Arrested

In 2018, Jesse Sebastiani found himself behind the bars after being deemed guilty since the NELK prank did not fall according to their original plans. The Pranksters group attempted yet another amusing joke in Ohio, USA, on November 7, 2020, which eventually caught the attention of six police officers.

Jesse Sebastiani owns a staggering net worth of $1 million.

Jesse Sebastiani owns a staggering net worth of $1 million.
Source: Orangeville

The internet personality disguised in fake blood, walked into an Ohio book store, asking for a book. If that weren't enough, he also told them how he possessed 'Coke' in his car trunk. With all limits passed, that did scare the locals, who consequently called the cops.

Kudos to the Columbus police, who read the situation and handled it for the well-being of everyone. In fact, Jesse himself acknowledged how things went off track and could have been life-threatening

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The Canada-oriented prankster was charged with disorderly conduct and sent to jail. The news broke the internet considering the massive fan following that he personally had alongside their group.

► Jesse Sebastiani Might Quit YouTube

Going to jail often gets people thinking, and Jesse Sebastiani had mixed feelings about continuing their prank videos after his arrest. The 26-year-old Canadian, alongside his team of Nelk Boys, made a reputation for their over-the-line content. 

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The over-friendly content also grows quite some haters for Jesse personally, which certainly gave him a 'wake-up' call. After three days in jail, Sebastiani took one of the hardest decisions of his life, i.e to quit the platform, which got him to the top in the first place.

'I don't want to play with this boundary anymore.'

Despite all that, the NELK member won't be giving up YouTube but would return with new and creative ways of captivating the audience yet again. Only time will tell, how that will fare for the Canadian prankster. 

► Jesse Sebastiani Grew Tired of the Internet Hate

One of the worst aspects of working on the internet has to be all the hate it gets you. And, when you perform over-the-line prank videos as controversial as the NELK Boys, one must be strong enough to deal with it. 

After holding it strong for much, Jesse finally had enough of it. The YouTuber took things into his Twitter @JesseSebastianiwhere he revealed how he started losing everything he once loved due to it. 

Jesse Sebastiani tweets on how he had enough of internet fame.

Jesse Sebastiani was tired of all the hate and antics from the internet.
Source: Twitter

The Canadian felt all the downside of being a celebrity, which led him towards the outburst. The artist also revealed how he lost natural interactions and relationships, which bothered him to a large extent. 

Canadian Jesse Sebastiani Moved To Los Angeles

Born in the Great White, NELK Boys' Jesse Sebastiani spent his childhood in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. It was there where he spent some of the best days of his school and walked his first steps. Despite that, the digital entrepreneur later moved to Los Angeles, California, for family reasons, which even helped him in a career with the NELK Boys.

The prankster group NELK boys pose for a picture.

Jesse Sebastiani joined NELK boys in 2014.
Source: Idol Persona

Sebastiani confirmed his new five-year-VISA to LA on February 24, 2020, through a tweet.

► Jesse Sebastiani Identifies As a Part of MTV 

One of the essential reasons behind Jesse Sebastiani's soaring fame surely goes to his acquisition of a collaboration with the MTV network. Following an appearance on the network's show, 'Losing It', everyone was on their feet looking for him as he told the viewer about how he lost his virginity.

Watch: Jesse Sebastiani on MTV's Losing It. 

The million-worthy artist had his first MTV show back in 2013 in 'Careless Teens', which contributed significantly to his bank balance.

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