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Home lifestyle Who is Jill Tavelman's Husband? Find the Details of Her Relationship Status Here

Who is Jill Tavelman's Husband? Find the Details of Her Relationship Status Here

Parker Published On Tue Mar 16 2021   Modified On Tue Mar 16 2021
Who is Jill Tavelman's Husband? Find the Details of Her Relationship Status Here

Learn all the details related to the husband and relationship status of Phil Collins's ex-wife Jill Tavelman.

Some people don't require to make any efforts to gain popularity unless they are associated with big names in the industry. So is the story of Jill Tavelman.

Jill is famous for her marital relationship with American singer Phil Collins and because of her daughter Lilly Collins who fell under the list of top best-dressed celebrities in Met Gala 2017.

Many people are interested to know about her marital status and relationship with her husband. Below we have gathered some information regarding it.

Who is Jill Tavelman's Husband?

Jill Tavelman is currently single and is not in a relationship with anybody. The former actress tied the knot with Phil Collins in 1984.

jill is the second wife of Phil and they have a daughter named Lilly Collins

Jill Tavelman with her ex-husband Phil Collins
Source: Dreshare

However, their relationship did not work out, so they decided to separate and opted to divorce. The former couple exchanged their vows back on August 4th, 1984, and later in 1996, the former husband and wife finalized their divorce.

It was her first marriage to Phil. But, Phil is a three-time married man in his life. Jill is the second wife of Phil. Tavelman was not lucky enough to enjoy a long-term marital relationship. Yet, they remained in a relationship for almost twelve years.

Phil and Jill welcomed a daughter named lilly who is a actor

Jill Tavelman and her ex-husband Phil collins with their daughter Lilly Collins
Source: Dreshare

During their married life, Jill and her ex-husband welcomed a daughter. Their daughter is a well-known actress, Lilly Collins. Because of their daughter, they share a friendly relation with each other.

The celebrity child is famous for acting and singing. Abduction, The Psychological Thriller, and Mirror Mirror are some of her acting on-screen credits.

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After their divorce, Jill kept a low profile. She did not get married again and invested all of her time in taking care of her daughter. However, Phil later remarried and welcomed another child.

Jill Tavelman is the second wife of American Singer Phil Collins

Phil Collins is an English drummer, singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the drummer/singer of the rock band Genesis. He has married three times.

Jill ex husband phil has married three times. jill is the second wife of phil

Phil Collins with his third wife, Orianne Cevey
Source: WPTV

Phil’s first wife was a Canadian Andrea Bertorelli. They got to meet each other when they were students in a London drama class and reconciled when Genesis was performing in Vancouver. 

The pair got married at the age of twenty-four in England. Phil then adopted Bertorelli’s daughter, Joely, who is also an actress and movie producer.

Phil’s second wife was Jill Tavelman, of course. At that time, Collins was having an affair while he was on tour with Genesis in 1992 with Lavinia Lang. She is a former drama school classmate.

The pair previously had an engagement; however, the relationship came to an end before their wedding. In 1994, Collins revealed that his feeling for Tavelman was out and he had filed for divorce. 

After his broken marriage with two women, his third wife was Orianne Cevey, who is a Swiss national. They got to meet each other on a tour where Orianne was his translator in 1999.

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From Phi’s third marriage, he has 2 sons, and they are Nicholas and Matthew. Unfortunately, his third marriage was also failing, and they got divorced in 2006. He again had to pay £25 million to Cevey as the settlement.

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