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John Drew Sheard II Is Taking Music in His Own Way, In Contrast to His Parents and Sister

Bran Published On Sun Apr 19 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 19 2020
John Drew Sheard II Is Taking Music in His Own Way, In Contrast to His Parents and Sister

Born in a musical family, John Drew Sheard's approach is quite different from the likes of his mother, Karen Clark Sheard, and sister Kierra Sheard. Let's delve into his musical journey.

Being the son of 4-time Grammy winner, Karen Clark Sheard surely puts some pressure on her son, John Drew Sheard II, to carry on the legacy. The celebrity son wasn't going to be unheard of, and it was his unique music that did the talking for the Sheard family yet again. However, he is famous for Hip Hop and R&B music, unlike the religious and gospel taste for which the family is best known for. 

Born to the pastor, John Drew Sheardand the award-winning musician, Karen Clark Sheard, also a millionaire, Sheard II shared a lavish childhood. The musician shares his bloodline with yet another talented actress and musician, sister Kierra Sheard. So, without wasting much time, let us get into how Sheard II decided to get into Hip Hop, against his family's traditional genres.

John Drew Sheard II Against His Parents Interests in Music Career

John Drew Sheard poses a picture with his sister Kierra Sheard, mother Karen Clark Sheard and father John Drew Sheard.

John Drew Sheard is the only son of Grammy winning singer Karen Clark Sheard.
Photo Source: AM 1310

One of the best highlights of John Drew Sheard II comes with the fact that he chose his way contrary to his family interests in his musical career. Since he was born into a music royalty family, with his grandmothers, parents, and sisters into the traditional and religious gospel music, everyone expected him to walk the same footsteps.

Contrary to those expectations, Drew never felt love in gospel, and chose to do things his way instead. While the Sheard's docu-drama in BET of 2013 showed how he encountered some pressure opting to enter into a different musical zone, being a son of a pastor and a music queen.

I just wanted to do something different because believe it or not when I first started working on music gospel was never really my first love.

Drew Sheard II believes in how there are more things to talk about in life than the gospel songs to build his claim in Hip Hop. Even though he faced hardships to pursue his interests, he put a strong heart and went for it. Luckily, his family was quite humble and supportive when he did choose his career, after all. Despite that, Karen often hates it when his son tells how he is sick of the church and how the world is so much bigger than that.

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You will never be able to take Gospel music out of his blood, considering the family history, but he always loved hip-hop and R&B. He used to play drums as a child and used to love his dad playing Stevie Wonder and 'Earth, Wind, and Fire' etc. in the House. Contrary to his family, he faced much backlash from the outside world, but he is strong enough to move forward despite that. 

Drew Sheard II: Honored 40 Under 40 Trailblazer for Music

The musical journey of John Drew Sheard II has been nothing short of achievements and success. He is a wholesome talent as a singer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist and released several vocal performances in the past. Moreover, he is also a producer, working on the production of his sister, Kierra's songs, at the mere age of 14. 

John Drew Sheard in a blue shirt poses with sister Kierra Sheard.

Karen Clark Sheard's son John Drew Sheard II chose a career in hip-hop music instead.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Kudos to his remarkable accomplishments so young, he received the honor of Michigan Chronicle as a 40 Under 40 Trailblazer on April 20, 2018. Although he might not reach the levels as many hoped him to be, the singer is certainly on the right path to becoming a megastar in the future. Drew worked alongside Pitbull in the soundtrack of the famous 'Fast and Furious' movie of 2009. Upon receiving the award, he was so happy and felt the experience as just exciting, like winning a Grammy. 

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Back in the day, when he used to be a senior at Marvin A. Winan Academy, he used to be a standout player of their basketball team. Surprisingly, he was just in the freshman year, when he got a call from Pharrell Williams and signed with them consequently.

Looks After 'Karew Records' 

Drew Sheard II in a black shirt poses with father John Drew Sheard, sister Kierra  Sheard and mother Karen Clark Sheard.

John Drew Sheard II looks after their family business of Karew Records.
Photo Source: Christian Post

John Drew Sheard II didn't like gospel music as his family did, but that doesn't rule him out of their family business. His parents, Karen and John, founded Karew Records, initially a gospel label in 2009, and passed it onto their son. With the mind of the new generation, he rebranded it to more of an entertainment company, specializing in clothing and films as well alongside music.

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As the youngest producer of Pharrell's Star Trek imprint, the singer returned to Erica Campbell's Church after many years in 2015. He used to be annoyed by all the negativity and criticisms he got from the people of the church over his professional choices.

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