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Home lifestyle Jon Miller's Married Life with Wife Janine Allen - The Complete Details

Jon Miller's Married Life with Wife Janine Allen - The Complete Details

Heisenberg Published On Fri Jul 24 2020   Modified On Fri Jul 24 2020
Jon Miller's Married Life with Wife Janine Allen - The Complete Details

Grab all the details on the married life of American sportscaster Jon Miller with his wife, Janine Allen.

The American sportscaster Jon Miller is primarily known for his broadcasts of Major League Baseball. He works as a play-by-play announcer for the San Francisco Giants currently. Additionally, he also worked as a baseball announcer for ESPN from 1990 to 2010. For his contribution to sports broadcasting, Jon Miller also earned the Ford C. Frick Award from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010.

Jon Miller - who recently lost significant amounts of weight - is currently married to his wife of over 33 years, Janine Allen. Many people are curious to learn more about the couple's married life, so we compiled some details on their marriage and relationship status in the sections below.

Janine Allen Was Jon Miller's Childhood Babysitter

Jon Miller's marriage to Janine Allen is his second one, the first being the relationship with his ex-wife Roberta Creeron in the 1970s. The marriage with his first wife lasted only seven years, and they had two daughters together.

Janine Allen was actually Jon Miller's childhood babysitter, who worked looking after him and his three younger siblings. His family and Allen's family were neighbors too, and the two families had developed a friendship between them. And Janine clearly remembers a lot about Jon of those times. 'I distinctly remember him broadcasting those games,' Janine said in an interview. 'There were all kinds of crazy stories about him, how he'd sit on his roof for hours on a clear night, listening to the Giants game on the radio, looking into the distance at the lights of Candlestick Park. He was kind of a strange kid.'

Janine Allen was Jon Miller's childhood babysitter.

Janine Allen was Jon Miller's childhood babysitter.
Source: Twitter

On the other hand, Jon always had a crush on the babysitter. 'I kind of had the hots for her - as much as you can, when you're 10,' he said in an interview. 'But over the years, I'd think about her from time to time. She was so beautiful, adorable. And only five years older than me.'

Over the years, Janine went her own way, got married, and moved to Ohio. But after 16 years, the marriage ended and left her with one daughter. Jon and Janine were still in touch, however, in all those years. And Jon had also had come out of his marriage around the same time Janine got divorced from her first husband. It seems like fate wanted the two to be together after all.

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On a certain day in 1986, Janine set out with her friend to drive to Washington and visit different places there. Jon was working in Baltimore at the time, so she called him to arrange the accommodation for the two of them. Jon reunited with his childhood babysitter and made an arrangement for them to stay in a fancy hotel in the city for a few nights for free.

Jon And Janine Began a Series of Long Phone Calls Since Their Reunion

Since the reunion, Jon and Janine began a long series of phone calls between them. 'We hadn't actually seen each other in years, but we fell in love over the phone,' Janine said. 'It was just so sweet, the opposite of everything that had ever happened in my life. We talked every day on the telephone - from that day until now.'

Jon Miller and Janine Allen got married in 1987.

Jon Miller and Janine Allen got married in 1987.
Source: SFGate

The next year, Jon and Janine tied the knot. Since then, the two have been together and welcomed their son, Alex, soon after. The couple took care of all of the four kids, including from their previous marriages. The Millers currently resides in Moss Beach, California.

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