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Lamar Jackson Dating Life with Girlfriend Jaime Taylor

Bran Published On Sun Apr 05 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 05 2020
Lamar Jackson Dating Life with Girlfriend Jaime Taylor

Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson is one of the stars at the NFL, and he is currently dating Jaime Taylor. So, without wasting much time, let us delve into their relationship.

The Round 1 pick of 2018 draft, Lamar Jackson, was the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 2019 following an impressive year with top-notch performances. The quarterback defied the odds breaking all sorts of records such as the first player to throw 12 touchdown passes over a three-game span and most games with five passing touchdowns. Alongside a resounding professional career, his personal life is equally successful with a long-time girlfriend in Jaime Taylor.

The Baltimore Ravens just celebrated his 23rd birthday since January 1997, so it might be too soon for the footballer to marry. However, he is the one responsible for the soaring fame and limelight on his loving girlfriend, Jaime Taylor. 

Lamar Jackson Met His Girlfriend in College

Lamar Jackson poses with mother after a game.

Lamar Jackson is in a relationship with Jaime Taylor since 2017.
Photo Source: Courier Journal

The academics of NFL star, Lamar Jackson, was widely influenced by his sporting talent from a young age. In fact, it was his incredible high school performance for Boynton Beach High School that got him dozens of offers from numerous Universities.

Ultimately, it was the University of Louisville who was lucky enough as Jackson committed four years of his life in the college under the head coach, Bobby Petrino. Not just the football journey, his personal life was also widely influenced by the decision to join the University at Louisville as he met his lover, Jaime Taylor.

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Taylor and Jackson surely knew each from their freshman year, but it wasn't until their junior year when a move was made. Unlike the footballer, Taylor spent her college life completely low-key. Even after they started dating, you won't find any details regarding her social media nor pictures.

Jackson Looks After His Girlfriend

Lamar Jackson in the football kit caught at the camera.

Lamar Jackson and Jaime Taylor started dating from their junior year.
Photo Source: TribLive

The University pair of NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson, and his girlfriend, Jaime Taylor, are clearly made for eachother. In an interview, the low key girlfriend revealed how she used to get mad when she read any criticisms about her popular footballer boyfriend. Interestingly, it was Jackson who used to calm his beau down in such situations by telling her to ignore everyone else.

Let them do the talking. You don't have to say anything. Just show them.

This is the exact attitude you want in a sportsman who performs over a sport with millions of fan-following. There is no doubt that there will be haters, but the Pro-bowl winner always prefers to respond via his games, rather than through words.

Jackson and Girlfriend Spent the Halloween

As mentioned above, the 2019 MVP, Lamar Jackson's affair with his girlfriend, is entirely private. However, it was on the occasion of Halloween 2019 that the footballer spoke about his girlfriend to the public. Interestingly,the pair were dressed up in a 'Harry Potter' theme, with Lamar as the boy who eradicated the 'Dark Lord' from Hogwarts. 

Lamar Jackson poses at an interview  poses for a picture.

Lamar Jackson and girlfriend Jaime Taylor have been together since 2017.
Photo Source: Cheatsheet

In fact, the footballer Lamar Jackson revealed that it was his girlfriend who wanted to do the mystic theme of the popular J.K. Rowling universe. It clearly makes us aware that his beau, Taylor, is a Potter-head.

On the contrary, Jackson, who spends most of the time on the pitch, couldn't watch the movie even after he tried. Surprisingly, he started watching the first few series, but since it was pretty long, he used to fall asleep in between.

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