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Home lifestyle Who is Lele Pons Boyfriend in 2021? Everything To Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Who is Lele Pons Boyfriend in 2021? Everything To Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

prazu Published On Tue Oct 05 2021   Modified On Tue Oct 05 2021
Who is Lele Pons Boyfriend in 2021? Everything To Learn About Her Relationship Status Here

Grab All The Details On Lele Pons Boyfriend!!

Lele Pons is a popular YouTuber. She is a well-known actress, singer, dancer, and host. Her unique YouTube video content and good music have earned millions of followers, subscribers, and fans.

Although Pons is in her mid-twenties, she already holds a massive net worth of $4 million. Besides her professional financial success, let's talk about Pons's relationship status and romantic encounters here.

Who is Lele Pons Boyfriend in 2021?

Those who follow Lele Pons on her social media account already know her relationship status. Who is she dating, and how well is her love life going? It's all over her Instagram posts.

As of 2021, the internet sensation is in a romantic relationship with her sweetheart, Guaynaa. Professionally, the 29-year-old Puerto Rican handsome is a rapper. 

Talking more about Pons' boyfriend, he is renowned for his Reggaeton music and rose to international prominence with his song ReBoTa, in 2019. He celebrates his birthday on September 16 every year.

Lele Pons is with her boyfriend.

Lele Pons is with her boyfriend.
Photo Source: Instagram

Although RoBoTa helped Guaynaa earn massive attention, it was not his first release; however, it became the first to reach audiences in different parts of Merica via Latino communities. 

Guaynaa's stage name was given to him by friends after a series of local performances. As per Billboard, this is where he got the nickname "guayna," which is "a Puerto Rican slang word for wealthy, upper-class snobs." His real name is Jean Carlos Santiago PĂ©rez. 

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Pons officially announced her relationship with her beau on December 12, 2020, with an Instagram caption "MINE (it's official)." Se Te Nota, a song written by the duo, was released in September 2020

Those wondering how Pons and Guaynaa first met, sadly, there is no official announcement on that; however, several sites confirm that the couple allegedly met while working on it together and hit it off right away.

Lele Pons Past Relationship

Many sources claim Lele Pons previously dated fellow internet star, Juanpa Zurita. He is a vlogger from Mexico. 

There was no groundbreaking evidence that proved Pons and Zurita were dating. Yes, the speculation never became true; however, several reliable outlets did mention the duo was in an on-again, off-again relationship back in 2016. But why did the media think they were a thing?

Lele Pons is a popular YouTuber.

Lele Pons is a popular YouTuber.
Photo Source: Instagram

Well, it all began after Pons and her rumored boyfriend kissed each other back in 2017, as noted by J-14. It happened at the MTV Millennial awards ceremony in Mexico, where the pair was hired as a hostSo, what exactly happened?

The event was a blast, and everybody enjoyed the show. Everything was fine when suddenly the crowd shouted with excitement after Zurita pulled Pons and kissed her. 

If we go through that clip, one can clearly see that Zurita took Pons by surprise. It seems the Mexican vlogger had a crush on her. However, when Zurita canoodled Pons, the latter wasn't upset at all, which spread their dating rumor like wildfire.    

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Besides Zuritaa, Pons' was romantically linked with Twan Kuyper. The rumor began after their collaborative work. They frequently appeared on each other social handles. Moreover, they even shared some moments together on-screen. 

According to WKYC, Pons Kuyper kissed in one of their videos. Afterward, the duo even shared their vows; however, it was just a joke. Yes, their marriage was scripted. Further, back then, they even shared clips where they discussed having kids together. 

After all that, in an interview, Pons revealed that she and Kuyper never had something special rather than friendship. Obviously, this revelation broke the heart of many; however, it became clear that the duo never was a boyfriend-girlfriend.

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