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Home lifestyle Who Is Lennon Parham's Husband? Here's the Complete Detail of Her Married Life

Who Is Lennon Parham's Husband? Here's the Complete Detail of Her Married Life

Bran Published On Mon Mar 23 2020   Modified On Fri May 29 2020
Who Is Lennon Parham's Husband? Here's the Complete Detail of Her Married Life

Everyone knows Lennon Parham from her highly successful acting career in shows like 'Playing House' and 'Best Friends Forever'. But what about her married life. Who is her husband? Find all the details right here.

Maria Lennon Parham, famous from her highly-successful career in acting and theatre role, is a recurring name in the entertainment industry. The Georgia-based Artist initially started her journey as a comedian but then expanded her portfolio in acting. Be it for her appearances in 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' or 'Bad Judge', Parham has been rated quite highly in the industry.

While Lennon Parham experiences resounding success in her professional endeavors, the diva is quite fortunate to share similar luck in her personal life as well. The improvisational comedian is a married woman with her longtime beau, Javier Guzman, and seems like nothing will ever part them apart.

Parham Married to Long-Time Boyfriend

Yes, the 43-year-old Maria Lennon Parham is married and settled correctly in her life. Unlike herself, the actress's husband, Javier Guzmandoes not belong to the glamour world. In fact, he rose to fame after tying the knot with the television star. 

Maria Lennon Parham tied the knot with Javier Guzman.

Lennon Parham and Javier Guzman got married in 2006.
Photo Source: Wikipedia

Former French teacher, Lennon Parham met Guzman when she was just 25, back in 2001. Ever since the duo met, Parham felt a special connection with her future partner and rightly so. As time passed by, they started dating and ultimately decided to exchange vows, five years later in 2006. Although she wanted to get married there and then only, since she had just moved into New York City to pursue her dream, her plans for marriage and parenting were stalled.

I knew that I wanted to have his children and to parent beside him. But having just moved to New York City to BE AN ACTRESS! — I wasn't ready to dive into parenting just yet.

As Parham entered her thirties, she got engaged to her now-husband, all set for a potential wedding. Contrary to the first time they met, both of them were quite successful this time around as the actress used to teach comedy classes, booking commercials, slinging wines at restaurants, etc. On the other hand, her boyfriend, Guzman, used to be an administrator at one of Brooklyn's toughest high schools.

Parham's Long-Distance Marriage with Husband

In 2006, the longtime love birds of Lennon Parham and Javier Guzman finally found a date to get married and tie each other in holy matrimony. Just like the initial plan, they had a big wedding but went back to fulfill their respective career goals. While the target for the actress was to dominate the comedy sector, her husband wanted equal education for all children.

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In pursuit of accomplishments in  respective professions, Parham moved to Los Angeles for her television projects. Likewise, her life partner stayed at Brooklyn itself, where his school was. Being far away from each other and chatting online was definitely difficult, but it was necessary for their mutual goals.

Lennon Parham in a  black top with her daughter.

Lennon Parham and her husband both moved to LA after a few years of the marriage.
Photo Source: Byrslf

Thus, all their struggles of a long-distance relationship for two years paid off, and finally, they left Brooklyn and moved to Los Angeles. 

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The 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' star started getting new shows on television, and her husband served as a principal of an all-girl school, New Village Girls Academy.

Parham and Husband: Parents of Two Children

From the moment, 'How I Met Your Mother' actress, Lennon Parham met her husband, Javier Guzman, she wanted to have a family with him. Thus, after a long wait, the production of their TV show which stalled their family plans got canceled, which ultimately let them have children like they wanted.

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As their original plans didn't work out in terms of kids, the actress modified the approach by getting pregnant and figuring out other things later. The power couple welcomed their first daughter, Saraya Guzman, on April 21, 2013.

During pregnancy, the inspirational actress filmed for 'Arrested Development', 'Mad Men', and the pilot episode of 'Playing House.' Ironically, in 'Playing House', she played a role of a woman who also was eight months pregnant while being in the same stage herself. The charismatic actress gave birth to her second child in October 2016.

Lennon Parham poses with her newly born baby.

Lennon Parham gave birth to her second child in 2006.
Photo Source: Byrslf

Lennon, also a close friend of Jessica St. Clair, is an inspiration to all the mothers out there who remain pessimistic about working with a baby. Interestingly, the TV star returned to the screen as soon as she gave birth to her second kid in movies like 'The House' and 'Bombshell.'

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