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Home health Miriam Blanco Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Miriam Blanco Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Heisenberg Published On Thu Sep 10 2020   Modified On Thu Sep 10 2020
Miriam Blanco Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of Miriam Blanco, a resident from Texas who was dumped by her ex-boyfriend for being 'too fat.'

Miriam Blanco is a 33-year-old pharmacy technician from Houston, Texas. She is a mother of four and is currently married to her 38-year-old husband, Jordan. She is currently making headlines for losing an astonishing 70 pounds of body weight.

Miriam Blanco previously weighed 218 pounds and was a size 14. Well, her weight was the reason her ex-boyfriend left her, according to Fox News. 'I had an ex that would always tell me no one wants to end up with someone fat and that I was lucky he was even sticking around,' she said. 'I remember that stuck with me for a long time — sometimes it still gets to me. After he left, I was a depressed single mother of two.' By dropping to 150 pounds, she sort of took revenge on her ex, showing that he missed out on a great opportunity as now, she has attained a jaw-dropping body shape. Below, we take a look at her weight loss journey and how she succeeded in undergoing such a tremendous transformation.

How Did Miriam Blanco Undergo 70-Pound Weight Loss?

Miriam Blanco was overweight for most of her adult life and had very low self-esteem regarding her body image. 'I hated how I looked. I had very low self-esteem,' she said in an interview. 'I used to tell my husband if he left me for another woman, I wouldn't be angry because I knew he could do better than me.'

Miriam Blanco lost 70 pounds of weight.

Miriam Blanco lost 70 pounds of weight.
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But Miriam's husband, Jordan, loved her for what she was, and her weight did not matter to him. Even though her husband assured her that she looked beautiful to him and told her not to focus too much on her body image, she still insecure. She always wished to get slimmer but never succeeded in doing anything about it.

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Miriam's motivation to lose weight came only in September 2015, when she got into a car accident that left her suffering from back pain for months. Her condition did not improve, and started to do some strength exercises to strengthen her back. Soon, the exercise drew her to do a proper workout, and since then, she embarked on the weight loss journey. She also began to adopt healthy eating. By just making these small changes, she succeeded in losing an incredible 70 pounds. And the mother-of-four is still giving continuity to this routine, even making time to work out in her busy 12-hour working shifts.

Miriam Blanco Says There's No Magic Pill to Weight Loss

Miriam Blanco has some important messages for people who are aspiring to undergo weight loss. She stresses the point that there's no magic pill that can help you drop pounds; you must really work hard with determination and commitment to achieve the results. 'There is no magic pill, there's no magic anything that will make you lose weight,' she told New York Post. 'It's called 'working out' for a reason. Hard work and dedication get you to where you want.'

Miriam Blanco stresses the fact that hard work can only result in a successful weight loss.

Miriam Blanco stresses the fact that hard work can only result in a successful weight loss.
Source: Daily Mail

Miriam currently leads a healthy lifestyle and also makes sure her children are following the same too. She encourages her kid to eat healthy foods, and outside of her family, too, she has inspired many people. 'I actually get a lot of positive messages from men,' she said. 'They actually tell me that they show their wives my picture to show them, 'Hey, she can do it, you can too.' Which I like a lot, because they tell me all the time it's about time we see a real woman out here, not afraid of showing stretch marks. It's how a real woman looks. So, it makes me feel good to read their messages.'

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