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What Missy Elliott Did for a Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation, The Story

Bran Published On Sun Apr 26 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 26 2020
What Missy Elliott Did for a Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation, The Story

If the musical journey of the four-time Grammy winner Missy Elliott didn't impress you by now, then her incredible weight loss journey might!

When the rapper Missy Elliott shared a few snaps in 2018, the fans were up for a big surprise since they diva flaunted her brand new look. Interestingly, the 60-million worthy diva earned her right, because she went four months under a strict schedule, and the hard work definitely paid off. Surprisingly, it wasn't the first time that the rapper tried losing weight as she achieved a similar goal back in 2014 as well.

The Virginia-based rapper perhaps needs no introduction since she has been one on the very rare breeds of female rappers, with over 30 million album sales. Known with the name of 'Misdemeanor', Missy Elliott is best known with her hit albums like 'Da Real World' and 'Miss E...So Addictive.' The 48-year-old achieved all the professional success in her life with her soothing voice and musical talents, but what was the reason that she needed to shed down her weight? And how did she manage that? Let's find out!

Graves' Disease Forced Missy Elliott to Lose Weight

The talented musician Missy Elliott was left distraught when she found out that she was living with Graves' disease in 2008. The autoimmune disorder makes more thyroid hormone than the body needs, which is fatal enough to cause problems like heart failure and strokes. Since then, she felt the need to be serious with her health and thus started to exercise and diet.

Missy Elliott in a black jacket before her weight loss.

Missy Elliott suffered from Graves disease in 2008, forcing her to alter her habits.
Photo Source: Redferns

Unfortunately, the condition was a recurring one, which would accompany Elliott for the rest of her lives. Initially, the diva used to feel dizzy, mood swings, hair loss, and a fast heart rate, but luckily everything was under control, thanks to the small lifestyle alterations. Alongside workout, she did take medication for more than a year under her doctor's advice, which helped her to a great extent.

Elliott Shed 70 Pounds in 2014 and Kept On Pushing

Missy Elliott's grave disease condition meant that she needed to struggle hard to live a healthy life. Thus, she went out on a mission to cut down some weight and get lighter and more youthful. According to Daily Mail, she lost over 70 pounds in 2014. It was an Instagram picture that shocked her entire fanbase as she looked completely different than her former self.

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Back when the 48-year-old suffered from the disorder, it affected her music as well, since she couldn't write songs. Although she left medications by 2012, she never left the gym and a new diet. Luckily, all the midnight oil she burnt did pay off since the thyroid started functioning well, but that didn't mean that she could cut some slack now. Since the condition was perpetual, Missy continued to go strong on her weight loss journey.

Missy Elliott in a grey top and a cap at a concert.

Rapper Missy Elliott lost 70 pounds by 2014 and shed further 30 pounds in 2018.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Thus, the American rapper was determined over her health for herself, rather than others. Elliott revealed another version of herself in 2018, where she looked lighter and healthier with much glowing skin. Interestingly, the numbers showed the results as she kept on inspiring all those who remain skeptical about losing weight since she went four months under a hectic schedule, succeeding to lose 30 pounds.

Missy Elliott Sacrificed Her Favorites in Diet

Losing weight is harder than one might think. The ones who hit the gym and have actually gone through the process might relate the award-winning singer Missy Elliott who sacrificed some of her favorite food items. For four months, she cut out all the nourishments which were high on calorie. The rapper cut down on bread and drank only water, no other juices or soda. Since she wasn't a water drinker initially, this was hard, but it showed significant results in her appearance with reduced weight and cleaner skin.

Missy Elliott singing at a concert in a black top and a black pant.

Missy Elliott admitted on drinking water only for four months to lose weight.
Photo Source: Getty Images

All the workout fanatics know that diet alone isn't enough to lose weight. Luckily, Missy was aware of that, so she complimented her new menu with an intense workout and exercise schedule, which saw her at the gym most of the time. 

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Elliott didn't have to sacrifice junk foods yet. Despite that, she said that she would give them up too if required, displaying her dedication and determination. The rapper never got married but has millions of fan-following by her side, who support her throughout all the ups and downs. In return, the Grammy-winner posts positive messages to her followers with the only aim to motivate them with her positive energy.

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