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Get to Know Nick Eimers - Marloes Horst's Partner and Baby Daddy

terry Published On Mon Jul 10 2023   Modified On Fri Jul 14 2023
Get to Know Nick Eimers - Marloes Horst's Partner and Baby Daddy

Hair Salon Owner in the Netherlands, Nick Eimers is the husband of popular supermodel Marloes Horst. They are in a relationship since 2018 and now they have a baby together. 

In the Netherlands, he is popular for his men's only barber shop which is unique from any other hair salon in the country. But he is getting more attention from being his partner of Horst.

Let's get to know more about him.

Living Together with Marloes Horst

Nick Eimers is the soon-to-be husband of model Marloes Horst and they are living together. They are still not engaged too but have a baby boy together.

Nick Eimers with his partner and baby mother Marloes Horst and Baby Owen Christian Eimers.

Till now, they haven't talked about their marriage but people are hoping to hear good news sooner.

Son - Owen Christian Eimers

Nick and Marloes had a lovely child on May 23, 2021, when the world was suffering from the pandemic. Despite the bad days, they delivered the baby safely and healthily and named their son Owen Christian Eimers

Nick Eimers' a nd Marloes Horst's Son Owen Christian Eimers.

They were prepared to have a baby and were planning. When the doctor broke the news to them that they were emotional and excited at the same time. They were so ready that they broke the news to the fans on their Social Media with the baby Owen's ultrasound confirmation.

Fake Husband Rumors of Marloes

Nick Eimers is the real partner and baby daddy of Marloes Horst and it is out in the open as they are sharing their perfect family picture all over their Instagram. 

But many blogs and media covered the fake rumors of NEXT Model Scout director Jason Valenta being the husband of Marloes Horst which is entirely false because Jason is gay and has a boyfriend Edgar Gil. 

Marloes Horst and Jason Valenta are Not a Couple.

Actually, Jason Valenta is the one who gave Marloes Horst a chance to get exposed as a model in New York. But the fake rumors circle around. 

His Partner Used to Dater Alex Pettyfer

Before dating Nick Eimers, his partner Marloes Horst used to date the British actor Alex Pettyfer and they were considered a magic couple. 

They started dating in 2014 and ended their relationship in 2016, Fans were shocked to hear the news but Pettyfer defined their split as a reasonable and amicable one. He stated that they had to separate because of their work and busy schedule. 

Marloes Horst and Alex Pettyfer used to Date.

Alex also said that Horst will always be part of his family and they will stay in touch as friends.

Nick Eimers' Unique Barber Shop HaarBarBaar in Amsterdam

Nick opened a barber shop named HaarBarBaar on nine streets in Amsterdam with his brother. The unique point of this hair saloon is that it is men's only and it is built in 1920s authentic design. It also does old hairstyles only.

If you are a man and you went to Nick Eimers' HaarBarBaar hair saloon, you will be welcomed with a beer or a glass of whiskey. And if you are a woman, you are kindly requested to stay outside. That's just crazy!!! Right?

The design of his shop is so authentic and it has a completely different vibe once you entered it. 

Nick Eimers Working on his hair salon.

Even the dress code for staff is old-fashioned in his barber shop. 

Nick was just finishing his business studies and entrepreneurship classes when his brother called him to tell him the idea for a barber shop. Now it looks like it was a great idea because it is so popular and people don't mind waiting in line for the haircut.

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