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Phil Mickelson Net Worth - An Indepth Overview

Alizeh Published On Wed Jan 22 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 22 2020
Phil Mickelson Net Worth - An Indepth Overview

Once crowned the golden boy of golf by many sportswriters, hall of fame golfers, and fans, Phil Mickelson was known for many years as ‘The Best.’ From as young as three years old, Phil wanted to play golf with his father, and by the age of four, he played his first 18 holes.

In 1975, Mickelson entered and won the Harry McCarthy Putting Contest at the age of five, beating competitors who were as old as 13; since then, the players won multiple awards in his professional golf career. Phil’s gained massive recognition in the world of golf.

phil walking out of the field answering peoples questions

How rich is Phil Mickelson?
Source: The Desert Sun

Being recognized as a precious gem in the golf world, the 49-year-old’s gained all the fame and money. We can only imagine how lavish the player’s life is, let’s look into the wealth he’s gathered over the years.

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

Phil Mickelson is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world; he’s secured that position being consistent in whatever he does. Mickelson’s net worth is estimated at $375 million (£293m), according to Forbes that in addition to $4.3 million in salary over the last year, Mickelson also made an estimated $37 million in endorsement deals alone.

The golfer - who is married to Amy Mickelson - earns more than $40 million annually from appearances and endorsement partners Callaway, Barclays, KPMG, Exxon Mobil, Rolex, and Amgen. 

phil mickelson's silver bentley

Phil Mickelson's Bentley.
Source: Forbes 

Phil lands in the second position in the top 5 world’s highest-paid golfers after Tiger Woods. The 48-year-old has earned more than $90 million in prize money.

The Rich Life of Phil Mickelson

All the money brings an extravagant experience for the player. Phil owns a $40 million jet Gulfstream, which is a 14 seater aircraft featuring the longest and has a bunch of advanced technical equipment.

phil lying down in the sun holding a bottle of alcohol

Phil On A vacation in Hawaii.
Source: Twitter

Along with that, the player owns a Bentley Continental GT and an Aston Martin Vanquish car. The player had 9,100-Square-Foot, which sat in 4.55 acres within Rancho Santa Fe’s prestigious Covenant community, Rancho Santa Fe House worth $5.99 million.

phil's lavish 4.55 acres house

Phil Mickelson's Former Rancho Santa Fe. Mansion 
Source: Pinterest 

Mickelson - who recently underwent weight loss - confirmed to at The American Express that his family closed on a lot on Jupiter Island, Fla., on Dec. 23, 2019, and he hopes to begin construction soon. We can only imagine how luxurious it’s going to be.

phil and amy on the red carpet, phil wearing a black suit, amy wearing a red strapless mermaid gown

Phil with Wife Amy Mickelson on the Ryder Cup red carpet 
Source: Zimbio

It’s particularly interesting that he’ll wind up in the same small stretch of coastline like so many of the world’s most famous golfers.

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We can see the exotic vacations Phil takes on his Instagram page and the abundant life he lives. Being the world’s highest-paid athlete comes with a luxurious life but also comes massive responsibilities from people who count on Mickelson to perform well on the field, and the player’s been consistent with his games.

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