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Rocco Mediate Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Heisenberg Published On Mon Sep 14 2020   Modified On Mon Sep 14 2020
Rocco Mediate Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the American professional golfer Rocco Mediate.

American professional golfer Rocco Mediate is one of the most reputed players of the game, with six PGA Tour wins, and three Champions Tour wins. He was the runner-up in the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines South Course after losing the first sudden-death hole after an 18-hole playoff to Tiger Woods.

Rocco Mediate also won the Senior PGA Championship in 2016, which is one of the five senior majors. Recently there has been some news emerging that the 57-year-old professional golfer has lost some weight. Below, we take a look at his weight loss details and also learn about his diet routine and workout plan that he implemented to drop pounds.

How Did Rocco Mediate Undergo Weight Loss?

Rocco Mediate lately succeeded in losing 30 pounds of body weight, a feat which he attributes to VersaClimber Cardio Exerciser Climber. According to an article by PR Web, the PGA golfer trained on VersaClimbing training, which helped him lose such amount of weight. VersaClimber is a total-body, vertical, non-impact, cardiovascular exercise machine which works out all the major muscle groups at one time, in a smooth, upward climbing motion. The machine seems to be working wonders for the professional golfer, as it helped him in effectively burning fat and calories to drop 30 pounds.

Rocco Mediate recently succeeded in losing 30 pounds.

Rocco Mediate recently succeeded in losing 30 pounds.
Source: CBS Sports

The article mentioned that when it comes to weight loss, Rocco Mediate preferred to keep it simple. He ate the right types of food items and consumed in smaller portions. He avoided any sorts of packaged products and food that were high in sugar and carbohydrate. And he supplements his diet working out one hour a day and six days a week.

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About his VersaClimbing training method, Rocco Mediate had this to say: 'It's [VersaClimber] always an uphill climb and this time was no different.' He was climbing 4,000-5,000 feet each night, and that helped him drop pounds considerably.

Rocco Mediate Suffered From Drinking Problem - but He Does Not Anymore

Rocco Mediate had a drinking problem in the past, as there was no day in his adult life when he did not drink. He, however, was able to get rid of his drinking problem since October 23, 2017. He has even admitted to the press that he used to drink alcohol on the course during his matches.

Rocco Mediate suffered from a drinking problem.

Rocco Mediate suffered from a drinking problem.
Source: Pro Golf Now

'Absolutely I have (played while drinking),' he told, as per CBS Sports. 'Because it was just normal for me. It was just a daily ritual, let's say. You can put it in a lot of places. A lot of places. Was it every time? No. But most of the time, when the pain came in, it wasn't not going to happen.'

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'I didn't need alcohol, I just wanted it,' Mediate added. 'I enjoyed it. Simple as that. If I woke up and I was like, 'Oh God,' then we have some serious problems called rehab. Didn't want to have to do that. Had a small headache for about four hours, and that was the end. Done.' Rocco's avoidance of alcohol was also one of the contributors to his recent weight loss, and he is thinking of staying that way. 

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