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Sean and Julian Lennon's Relationship - All the Facts Here!

Heisenberg Published On Tue Oct 20 2020   Modified On Tue Oct 20 2020
Sean and Julian Lennon's Relationship - All the Facts Here!

Learn about the relationship between John Lennon's sons Sean and Julian Lennon.

Late Music superstar John Lennon MBE had multiple relationships throughout his life, during his time with the Beatles in its peak years and post-Beatles era when he focused more on his domestic life rather than music career. Despite dating lots of girls, John had only two children: sons Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon.

Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon, even though they both are John's sons, have an age difference of 14 years between them. Sean is John's son from his relationship with Yoko Ono, whereas Julian is his son from his first marriage to Cynthia Powell in 1963. Many people nowadays do not know much about them, and those who are Beatles fans are curious to learn whether the two are close or not. Such details are given below, so let's find out!

Sean and Julian Lennon Are Pretty Close

Sean and Julian Lennon, even though their father John had a favor for only one of them, are currently close with each other and have no sibling rivalry going on between them. In public, both brothers have spoken well of each other and respect one another. 

In April 2019, Julian Lennon talked highly of Sean on SiriusXM: 'Sean's an amazing guitarist. He's coming along fantastically as a singer and songwriter, too. That excites me.'

John Lennon's sons, Sean and Julian are pretty close.

John Lennon's sons, Sean and Julian are pretty close.
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'We've talked about working together; I'm sure we will...,' Julian added. 'I think we have the same sensibilities in many respects.' He also talked about his relationship with Sean's mom Yoko Ono: 'I think the key point to all this for me at least has been Sean. If I hurt Sean's mother then I hurt Sean.'

Julian continued to elaborate on his relationship with Sean. 'It's a roundabout way of thinking about things but because I love Sean so much I just don't want to hurt him. I can get over it. I have got over it.' Julian and Yoko, who once fought for their share of John Lennon's fortune in court, now seem to have patched up things with each other. Even Yoko admitted they had a normal relationship with each other. 'Julian is the biggest thing in our family,' she once said.

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On Sean Lennon's part, he has huge respect for his brother. 'Julian is the reason I started playing music,' he said. 'Because when I was a kid, when his first record, Vallotte hit the charts, it was the biggest thing.'

Sean Lennon Was John Lennon's Favorite Child

In an interview with Playboy in 1980, John Lennon talked about his relationship with his sons.

'90 percent of the people on this planet, especially in the West, were born out of a bottle of whiskey on a Saturday night, and there was no intent to have children,' John told Playboy, as per Express UK. 'So 90 percent of us… that includes everybody… were accidents. Julian is in the majority, along with me and everybody else.'

John Lennon was very son of his son with Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono with their son, Sean Lennon.
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'Sean is a planned child, and therein lies the difference,' John Lennon added. 'I don't love Julian any less as a child.' But actually, John was more fond of Sean and had even written songs about him as well as the time he spent with Sean as a stay-at-home dad.

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John Lennon even left his wealth and estate to Yoko Ono and Sean and did not leave a single penny to Julian. Later, Julian fought for his share against Yoko in court, which ended by him getting a considerable but undisclosed amount of money.

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