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Supernatural Stars React to Production Getting Postponed

BK Published On Sat Apr 18 2020   Modified On Sat Apr 18 2020
Supernatural Stars React to Production Getting Postponed

Supernatural stars react to the CW drama getting paused.

Merely two hours of the show is left to be filmed, and now Supernatural stars tell us how they feel about the whole situation amid the global health crisis.

Previously, it was confirmed the CW drama is getting an additional season 16. Sort of! The production was halted back in March following the new social distancing measures.

Castiel star Misha Collins who recently took social distancing to another level said, "We almost finished 15 seasons. We made it 325 episodes in, and to be stopped a mere two episodes before the end feels deeply frustrating."

The 327-episode series will inevitably end when normality resumes in the world. However, for now, it's on hold, and when it went does return, there are just seven episodes left to air.

The on-screen Jack actor Alexander Calvert revealed the emotions surrounding the end. "As soon as March happened, it really started kicking in." Apparently, the entire cast and crew began counting down the number of days and the number of episodes left.

Calvert disclosed everybody involved with the show went into a sort of spiral sentiment, and the entire thing with coronavirus happened, and he didn't know if it was good or bad. "Do you rip the Band-Aid off slowly or fast? Now we're being forced to peel it off slowly."

One of the showrunners, Robert Singer, added, "Each script we felt a little like, 'Oh boy we're getting closer.' Having this delayed, it's been hard. If we were in season 14, you would say, 'We'll shut down, get through this virus, and pick up next year."

Knowing the end made it a little more difficult for everyone. However, it's merely a television show, and what's going on in the world is pretty horrific. Singer continued, "But if it was any other season, I don't think we'd be feeling quite as stressed about it as we are now." 

For Sam Winchester star Jared Padalecki, the quarantine feels like what's to come in his life post-Supernatural. "This COVID thing has been a crazy eye-opening of what the show has meant and the ultimate finality of it. It's kind of like a little dress rehearsal of what I'm going to do [after the show ends]."

One of the benefits of postponement, however, could be the fact that it will draw out the end of the show, and all of us shall get to savor the end for a little longer.

"Obviously, it's a horribly unfortunate situation we're in, but the silver lining is that it gives us an opportunity to recharge," Jensen Ackles says.

The on-screen Dean Winchester revealed they had just finished episode 18, and they were on the first day of filming episode 19. The 42-year-old actor said, "I was reading these two monster scripts thinking, 'It's like we're at the end of a marathon and they want us to sprint for the last two miles.' I feel like this almost gives us an opportunity to refocus and go into the last two episodes and hit them with everything we got. I think having this break might service the last few episodes better."

Collins aptly puts the priority straight. The fact that he's not been hooked up to a ventilator nor are his loved ones, he's just grateful.

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