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Home lifestyle Tariq Trotter Married Life as of 2022: Find All Details On His Wife Here

Tariq Trotter Married Life as of 2022: Find All Details On His Wife Here

prgya Published On Sat Jun 12 2021   Modified On Sun May 22 2022
Tariq Trotter Married Life as of 2022: Find All Details On His Wife Here

Let's Find All Details On Tariq Trotter's Relationship Status Here.

Tarik Luqmaan Trotter is an American rapper, actor, and lead emcee of The Roots, the Philadelphia-based hip-hop group. He starred in BamboozledBrooklyn BabylonLove Rome, and the 2001 films Perfume.

Tariq Trotter, best known as Black Thought, was born on October 3, 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is widely lauded for live performance and his multisyllabic rhyme schemes.

The American hip-hop artist Trotter, 50, is a millionaire with approximately $12 million net worth. Besides this, his followers eagerly await to know who he married; let's find out.

Who is Tariq Trotter Married To? 

Tariq Trotter is quite personal about his love life. Thus, a significantly less amount of information is known about his secret life as he is very secretive. However, his fans do know he is a married man.

So, who is the lucky lady here? Tariq, aka Black Thought, married his girlfriend, Opal Michelle Trotter, an American meteorologist at the KWKT FOX 44, in 2010. The couple's bond is impressive, and they have been together for more than a decade now.

Tarik Luqmaan Trotter married his girlfriend, Opal Michelle Trotter, an American meteorologist, in 2010.

Tariq Trotter and Michelle Trotter together make a cute couple.
Photo Source: Zimbo

Together, the pair have six children. Explicitly speaking, Tariq and his wife are parents to five sons and one daughter. The Trotter family currently resides in New Jersey. And, they live pretty expensive and luxurious life there.

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Talking about their past relationships, Michelle was in a lousy relationship before Trotter. Likewise, Mr Trotter also was with someone else before Michelle. And out of six children, two children are from Tariq's previous relationships.

Tariq Trotter's Wife Hates The Most Iconic Beards, Which Is RareIn Hip-Hop Artist

Tariq Trotter has one of the most iconic beards in hip-hop. There isn't any artist who has a more iconic look than The Root's emcee. However, his better half thinks otherwise. 

As noted by Essence, Totter revealed that his most known facial feature is something his wife isn't a big fan of. Further, he said to his fans, 'You either love it or hate it. My wife hates it! She calls me ZZ Top.'

Tariq Trotter has one of the most iconic beards in hip-hop.

Tariq and Michelle Trotter tied the knot back in 2010.
Photo Source: Essence

Back in November 2017, according to New York Times, Tariq told the paper that his beard reflects his religious upbringing and is also rooted in Philly pride. 

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Tariq, 50, recalled, 'I was raised as a Muslim, I think the beard, precisely long facial hair, indicates the sense of wisdom, strength, and royalty, not just in Islam. In most religious books, when men of faith or kings are described, they are usually described wearing long facial hair.'

He continues, 'I also think the, and Irbers from Philly are the best when it comes to the beards game, I made the mistake of going to a barber who was not from Philly, and let's just say, I would never do that again.'

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