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'The Umbrella Academy' Showrunner Provides Update on Season 2

BK Published On Sun Mar 29 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 29 2020
'The Umbrella Academy' Showrunner Provides Update on Season 2

When will The Umbrella Academy season 2 release on Netflix?

The first season of 'The Umbrella Academy' left such a fantastic impression; fans couldn’t help crave for more as soon as the season ended. It’s been 13 long months since season one aired on Netflix, and there appears to be good news on the horizon for the fans.

Although Netflix is yet to announce the release date for The Umbrella Academy season 2, showrunner Steve Blackman provided some updates on the upcoming season.

As we’re aware, coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc all over the world, and filming is getting shut down in almost every big and small screen productions. Thankfully for the fans of The Umbrella Academy, production of the series concluded in November; therefore COVID-19 pandemic has had no impact on filming. Apparently, the show’s post-production is currently ongoing, albeit with no details of the release date yet.

Steve Blackman recently took to Instagram to update the fans on the future of season 2. He wrote, "Even #corona can’t stop an Umbrella Academy Mix! But I swear we’re washing our hands..."

The image shows Number 2 (David Castaneda) with a shaggy look, quite different from the last time we witnessed him. Perhaps, it’s an attempt to fit in with the new surroundings. If you recall, the season one finale concluded with Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) jumping himself along with his siblings through time to survive from the imminent apocalypse. Maybe they landed in a completely different era. Who knows? We gotta wait and see.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter following the finale, Blackman said:

The truth is, we don’t know where they are. We don’t know what happened to them. I wanted this to really be the best of cliffhangers, in that you’re like ‘Wait, what? What happened?’ It gives us a lot of openness and legroom to tell the best story we can.

The show creator continued, "But the apocalypse is not solved. They did not save the world, which is a slight alteration of the comic. To me, it was the right Netflix cliffhanger. You really want people to go into the off-season saying, ‘I gotta know what happened’, and that will be revealed when you see season two.”

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Based on 'The Umbrella Academy' comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix superhero series starring Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, and Justin Min. The story follows a dysfunctional family of superheroes raised by a billionaire father who trains his kids to protect the world.

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The Umbrella Academy season 2 is expected to release sometime in 2020.

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