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Is Tim Burton Racist? All the Facts Here!

Bran Published On Tue Oct 06 2020   Modified On Tue Oct 06 2020
Is Tim Burton Racist? All the Facts Here!

Tim Burton is undoubtedly one of the finest American filmmakers and animators, but one can always question his character as a racist as he openly neglects diversity in his films. Stay with us to know more about this.

Timothy Walter Burton aka Tim Burton is one of the finest talents in the entertainment industry as a filmmaker, animator, and artist. He remains quite famous for his unique genre of contents like gothic fantasy and horror films such as the 'Beetlejuice', 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' and 'Dark Shadows.' If that weren't enough, he even directed some superhero movies like 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns.' 

Burton's contributions to the showbiz industry have been exceptional, but he hasn't been a fan-favorite figure due to some harsh reasons. While the real picture might be different, but people tend to perceive him as a racist filmmaker because he only casts white people in them. Is he really a pathetic film director as people perceive him to be, or is there something else hidden? Stay put to know it all here.

Tim Burton Labelled As A Racist Due to Lack of Ethnic Diversity

Tim Walter in a black suit poses for a picture.

Tim Burton received massive hate for not casting black people.
Photo Source: Biography

Tim Burton has been heavily criticized in recent times as he earned a reputation for not casting black actors in his films. As people found a pattern in his recruiting policies, people started to criticize him quite rapidly. He couldn't defend his act properly as he riled up the public further with another poor statement. In fact, he insisted that 'things either call for things or they don't.'

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In an interview with Bustle, Tim Burton spoke about the controversial issue saying how, 'Nowadays, people are talking about it more.' Surprisingly, he brought an instance from his childhood when he used to watch 'The Brady Bunch.' It started getting politically correct and introduced an Asian child and a black, which did offend him and brought a thought in his head to bring white people in the silver screen. 

Tim Walter in a black suit caught on the camera.

Tim Burton is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist.
Photo Source: Booking Agent 

Burton was fortunate to get a friend in Jackson who gave an interview to defend Bustle. He opened up, saying,' I may have been the first. I don't know, or the most prominent in that particular way, but it happens the way it happens.' He credited Tim's method as faultless, and it's just an excellent method of storytelling. 

Tim Burton's Defence of Non-Diversity Angered Fans

It was in 2016 when Tim Burton gave his defense on his behavior of casting white actors. His defense on how people are overreacting wasn't pleased by the public and rightly so. Shortly after the interview, his Twitter handle started getting a flood of hate. Furthermore, the fans even lauded on how he 'made a movie about a guy who had knives for fingers but doesn't think movies really 'call for black people.'

Tim Burton in a black suit and t-shirt caught in the camera.

Tim Walter was criticized for being a racist as he only recruited black actors.
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A few Twitter users even analyzed his movies and castings and called Tim Burton out as a director who employs the safe actors. Interestingly, they came up with a  conclusion on how the Golden Globe award-winning director isn't even diverse enough in the case of white people.

Burton's recent works saw him directing the 2019 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 'Dumbo.'

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