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Home health Vivian McCall Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Vivian McCall Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Heisenberg Published On Sat Sep 12 2020   Modified On Sat Sep 12 2020
Vivian McCall Weight Loss - All the Details Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the 24-year-old venture capitalist Vivian McCall.

Vivian McCall is a 24-year-old venture capitalist from Ruidoso, New Mexico, and she's been making headlines recently for her astonishing 126 pounds of weight loss. She had weighed 273 pounds at her heaviest due to her habit of drinking eight cans of soda following her parents' death.

Vivian McCall lost the weight she gained by eating fast food from McDonald's and Taco Bell in just one year. She decided to lose weight after she struggled to fit into a standard airplane seat, and that's when she began to make a massive change in her lifestyle. Below, we take a look at her weight loss details and also learn about her fitness plan and diet routine.

How Did Vivian McCall Underwent Weight Loss?

Vivian McCall basically lost weight by drinking 100 ounces of water every day and exercising six days a week. 'I was grief-eating hardcore. I don't even think I drank water,' she told Daily Mail about her grief eating. 'I would skip breakfast every day, and by lunch, I'd be starving.'

Vivian McCall weighed 273 pounds at her heaviest.

Vivian McCall weighed 273 pounds at her heaviest.
Source: Fox News

Vivian had already developed a bad habit of unhealthy eating before she underwent weight loss. 'For lunch, I'd get fast food,' she said. 'At McDonald's, I'd order a Big 'N Tasty with a large fries and a large Cola order. For dinner, it'd be the same thing. I'd get the number two at Taco Bell, which was an extra-large double stuffed burrito with an extra taco on the side and some cinnamon balls.'

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Vivian also used to eat barbecue chips and even a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for her snacks. But she got rid of all of these habits since she decided in September 2019 when she had difficulty fitting into her airplane seat during a trip to California. 'I couldn't fit in the seat...I knew I had to do something,' she said.

Vivian McCall Lost 126 Pounds of Weight in One Year

Vivian McCall's shift to a healthy diet and intense exercise routine helped her lose an astonishing 126 pounds in just a year. And she's still continuing those habits and is doing a good job maintaining her weight.

Vivian McCall lost 126 pounds of body weight in just one year.

Vivian McCall lost 126 pounds of body weight in just one year.
Source: World Newj

'Now, I go to the gym six-days-a-week with a rest day on Sunday,' she said. 'I'm big into weightlifting, and I do 30 minutes of cardio every day.' She also runs three miles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights.

Vivian supplements her exercise routine with the right and appropriate diet. She only eats at a fixed time schedule and has cut out sugary drinks and junk food entirely out of her diet. 'I have eight hours of eating, from 10 am to 6 pm, followed by 16 hours of fasting,' she said. 'I work out every morning at the end of my fast. After working out, I have a fruit smoothie around 10 am with mixed berries, almond milk, and protein powder.'

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'For lunch, have a P3 pack with a protein bar. A snack might be a cheese stick or bit of summer sausage, and dinner is always chicken or steak with some veggies. I also stopped drinking fizzy drinks,' Vivian added. These changes in her lifestyle helped her lose 40 pounds every three months for the first nine months. This way, she succeeded in attaining a fit and healthy body weight ultimately and made a tremendous transformation.

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