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Home lifestyle Who is Anja Marquardt? Know About her All Details

Who is Anja Marquardt? Know About her All Details

prgya Published On Wed May 05 2021   Modified On Wed May 05 2021
Who is Anja Marquardt? Know About her All Details

Let's Know About Anja Marquardt Details Here !!

Anja Marquardta famous writer, director, producer, was born in 1980. She is renowned for her work in the movie industry and was even nominated for many Films Awards.

Horror Island writer and director spent her childhood in Berlin, Germany, and after she started to know the value of life, she began to travel utterly. She has also stayed for the long term in Arizona, Laos, and many more places. We can learn more in details about Anja below:

Who is Anja Marquardt?

German-born filmmaker Anja is a famous and incredible film director, writer, producer who won two major international film awards for her first feature film, She's Lost Control (in 2014)She was previously known for her screenwriting and directing of critically acclaimed short films.

German-born-filmmaker Anja is a famous and incredible film director, writer, producer.

A Famous German Director Anja Marquart
Photo Source: Alchetron 

A German couple welcomed Anja. She was born on January 1, 1980, with a star sign Capricorn. The gorgeous director spent her childhood in her birthplace Berlin, Germany. 

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Regarding Marquart's education, after completing her secondary school, she joined the interdisciplinary "Communication in Social and Economic Contexts" program at the Berlin University of the Arts, from where she graduated.

Want To Know About Her Net Worth? Here Are the Details

On Buzz Learn, Anja Marquart is listed as a successful director ranked in the richest person list from Germany. She once said that "I consider myself very lucky that i get to research and explore other people's lives thematically or psychologically."

Anja Marquart has a net worth of  $11 million

Anja Marquart is a millionaire.
Photo Source: Tagesspiegel

Anja has a net worth of $11 million. Yes, she is a millionaire. She has earned her fortune from her career as a writer, director, co-producer, and producer with some hit movies.

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She has directed the movie She's Lost Control, where she earns a huge amount of worth and fame. In cinematography, Marquardt was awarded a prestigious Villa Aurora Fellowship in 2016.

Anja Marquart's Career Details  

Anja was inspired by an article about Japanese "caretaker" robots, and she wrote, produced, and directed the story of an emotionally guarded sex surrogate that debuted at the Berlin Film Festival. After then she was nominated for the Best First Feature Award and after then many more. 

Anja Marquart was graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin

A charming German filmmaker Anja Marquart. 
Photo Source: IMDb

Marquart started her career in writing, producing, and directing short movies. And now she is famous for her divine films, including She's Lost Control (in 2014), Nine Lives (in 2008), Harrow Island (in 2010), Thanksgiving (in 2008), and so on.

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