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Who is Roxxxy Andrews Dating?

Eric Published On Thu Jul 16 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 07 2022
Who is Roxxxy Andrews Dating?

Let's know some facts about Roxxxy Andrews and her dating life.

Michael Feliciano, who owned the moniker Roxxxy Andrews, is a renowned American drag performer. He came to international recognition on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Further, he also gained tons of attention from his presence in the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars.

Andrews's rising popularity has brought several speculations regarding his personal and professional life. It also covers his dating history, and further, people are even curious to know if or if not, he has someone special in his life currently. 

Thus, today on this page, we will learn if she is or isn't in a relationship, and hopefully, you guys will know some other interesting things about the beautiful drag queen, Roxxxy Andrews (net worth). Let us begin.

Roxxxy Andrews's Relationship Status: Dating, Marriage, and Family

Speaking of the dating history of Roxxxy Andrews, he is kinda secretive on that topic. The reason might be his willingness to keep his love life away from the media light, as many celebrity lovely relationship journeys end due to overemphasis on their love life by the media person.

Speaking of the dating history of Roxxxy Andrews, he is kinda secretive on that topic.

The drag queen Roxxxy Andrews is single.
Photo Source: Twitter

If it's Andrew's choice to keep his partner behind the curtain, then at the right time, he will share the details when he felt right. However, the other reason for no firm information found on the internet about his lover might be he is still single. Due to this reason, we can say one thing for sure he isn't married for now; unfortunately, we can't comment on anything confidently about his dating history.

The Late Drag Mother of Roxxxy Andrew, Erica Andrews

Erica Andrews  was also famous as the drag mother to Roxxxy Andrews and Miss Gay Texas USofA 2018, Janet Andrews.

Erica Andrews was a drag mother to Roxxxy Andrew.
Photo Source: YouTube

Erica Andrews was a Mexican national and international beauty pageant title winner, actress, entrepreneur, activist, and drag performer. Besides her career success, she was also famous as the drag mother to Roxxxy Andrews and Miss Gay Texas USofA 2018, Janet Andrews.

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Indeed, Erica was family to drag queen Roxxxy. Sadly, she passed away on March 11, 2013, at UIC hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She lost her life after her body grew complications from a lung infection.

Roxxxy Andrew's Mother Abandoned Him and His Sister

Roxxxy Andrew's loyal fans might already have an idea about her tragic childhood story. Those who don't, let us break it down to you guys, he and his sister were abandoned by their mother.

Roxxxy Andrew and his sister was abandoned by their mother.

Roxxxy Andrew with his Cuban sister.
Photo Source: Instagram

Tragically, yes, Andrew was left behind with his sister by their mom at a bus stop when they were a kid. Later on, they got shelter in their grandmother, Sonja. He was raised in North Miami Beach, Florida. His ancestor belongs to Puerto Rican and Cuban-American ethnicity.

The millionaire Andrew's grandma appeared on a special episode of Drag Race All Stars 2 for a makeover challenge. 

Michael Feliciano AKA Roxxxy Andrews Works at Gay Bar, Pulse

Besides Roxxxy Andrews's presence in the media as an actor, he is renowned as the drag performer at Pulse. It is a gay nightclub where the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history took place. 

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The mishap occurred on June 12, 2016, and in an honor of the 49 lives lost and 53 wounded in the shooting, Andrews got a new tattoo. He shared his ink on his Instagram page after three days of the incident. The tat is of Pulse's logo with a red heartbeat line drawn through the middle.

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