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Why and How Doug Schoen Lost Weight Is Being Asked Quite a Lot Now

Sea Published On Thu Sep 10 2020   Modified On Thu Sep 10 2020
Why and How Doug Schoen Lost Weight Is Being Asked Quite a Lot Now

Here's someone debatable as the election draws near. Douglas E. Schoen has proclaimed himself as "one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants" in the last 30 years. But with a lot of his beliefs not so generous towards the Democratic views, like his opposition to President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, he's been popularly called a Democrat "phony", or rather a "Fox News Democrat" by MSNBC contributor Steve Benen.

Of course, with his ties to Fox News as a contributing analyst, among many other publications as well, there was always a natural question to which party he's in support of. He's worked with the likes of Mike Bloomberg and Hilary Clinton (although refused to vote for her), perhaps he's somewhere halfway of a Democrat and Republican?

(L-R) Jon Corzine, Doug Schoen and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg attend NYU Child Study Center Eighth Annual Child Advocacy Award Dinner at Cipriani on November 29, 2005, in New York City.

He's well-connected, but maybe to contrasting people.
Photo Credit: Clint Spaulding, Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Enough of it though. Even though the election is heading this November, the viewers at home have another question they want answers to. Why did Doug Schoen lose weight? Or as if he really did, how?

Doug Schoen's Weight Loss Is Partly Unexplainable... For Now

Not sure if he's had such a drastic weight loss for people to start asking questions about how he did that to begin with. However, the question really should be about if weight loss was something he chose to begin with.

Either way, it's perfectly normal to have a noticeable loss in weight, especially at an age like his, or at any age for that matter. The 67-year-old has perhaps lost weight in a number of occasions in the past. And everyone's probably expected an answer in those times too.

Doug Schoen in a Fox News report.

Compared to his past look here, there is a bit of a loss in weight in him.
Photo Source: Fox News

This time too, the answer for his current weight loss may be the same as any natural thing. But perhaps, he'll give the answer if people ask him enough on social media.

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At the moment though, no matter how the polls are going, Schoen still believes Joe Biden isn't going to be the winner, not by a long shot. For someone who a proclaims he's a Democrat, that says something.

He's got his opinions, but only the election day will tell how the presidential election will unfold. As for his weight loss question, only he will be able to tell how he did it, or if he achieved it at all.

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