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Star Wars Cast Tosin Cole's Net Worth in 2021

prgya Published On Sat Jul 17 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 17 2021
Star Wars Cast Tosin Cole's Net Worth in 2021

What Might Be The Bank Balance Of 'Star Wars' Cast Tosin Cole's? Find It Out In This Article!

American-born British actor Tosin Cole is renowed as Lt. Bastian in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Films like Gone Too Far!, Second Coming, Honeytrap, Burning Sands, Unlocked, The Souvenir, The Souvenir Part II, etc., lead him as a star.

Born on July 23, 1992, a 28-years-old internet sensation grew up in New York City. At the age of 8, Tosin moved to London with his father and uncle, following his parents' separation. He became part of Abbey Wood Secondary School in Greenwich, London, and later left the school to focus on his acting career.

Started acting at the age of 17 in a stage reproduction of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Tosin has been featured on the Ear for Eye as TBA  in 2021. Besides his career, let us get to know his net worth as of 2021 here. Grab all the details below.

How Much Wealth Does Tosin Cole Possess? 

As of 2021, Tosin Cole is estimated to amass an impressive net worth of $1 million. He has wowed his audience since 2009, which helped him collect a sizable fortune.

Tosin Cole is estimated to amass a magnificent net worth of $1 million,.

Tosin Cole has wowed his audience since 2009.
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Star Wars, made on $259–306 million, paid the cast a pretty reasonable sum; thus, we can be sure Tosin made a pocket full of greens. Also, the movie has collected $2.066 billion at the box office, which might also increase the paycheck of the cast members.

As an amazing actor engaged in The Souvenir movie, Tosin was paid an enormous amount among all the cast. Made in the budget of $2 million, the producers within two years have gathered $1.7 million

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As noted by Indeed, American actor per hour charges around $10 and makes nearly $1000 in a month. So, Tosin must be making the sum of $10495.99 yearly. He even makes extra money on social media sponsorships, advertisements, and guest appearances in shows.

After taking a quick look at 6 feet tall Tosin's Instagram, the doubt on his luxurious lifestyle would be clear. Through his social posts, we can get an insight into his living standard. 

Star Wars Cast Tosin Cole's Career Journey 

In 2009, Tosin Cole began his career as part of theatre production, Wasted!, a modern reproduction of Shakespeare'sJulius Caesar, produced by Intermission Theatre. Then he interacts with BBC teen drama The Cut, in which he played the role of Noah Achebe in 2010.

Tosin Cole has wowed his audience since 2009.

Tosin Cole is renowed as Lt. Bastian in 
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'
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In the BBC medical drama Holby City in 2013, Tosin portrayed the role of Keith Potts. Similarly, in 2014, he played in the miniseries The Secrets whereas, in 2015, he featured on ITV drama Lewis and in an episode of Versailles's historical series.

From then to now, Tosin became part of many TV series and films. One of them being Doctor Who, where he played the role, Ryan Sinclair. He was on that project from October 2018 to January 2021. 

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