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Exton Elias Downey


Facts of Exton Elias Downey

Full NameExton Elias Downey
First NameExton
Middle NameElias
Last NameDowney
Birth NameExton
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRobert Downey Jr.
Father ProfessionActor and Singer
Mother NameSusan Downey
Mother ProfessionFilm Producer
No Of Childreno
SibilingsAvri Roel Downey and Indio Falconer Downey
EducationPrivate School
Date of BirthFebruary 7,2012
Age12 years

Exton Elias Downey is the son of Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin, who was born on February 7, 2012. 

He is the second son of Robert Downey Jr. and the first son of Susan Downey. His father has another son Indio Falconer Downey from his previous marriage with Deborah Falconer. 

Being the son of one of the most celebrated people, Exton has been getting attention from the media and the public. Let's see what we know about him to date.

Very Popular Father

Exton Elias Downey's father Robert Downey Jr. is a beloved icon in the world of entertainment, celebrated not just for his remarkable acting prowess but also for the genuine affection and admiration he evokes in the hearts of fans worldwide. 

With his charisma, he breathed life into unforgettable characters like Tony Stark, making us laugh, cry, and cheer alongside them on cinematic adventures that left an indelible mark on our emotions.  

Exton Elias Father Robert Downey Jr.
Exton Elias Downey's father Robert Downey Jr.

Beyond the silver screen, Downey Jr.'s personal journey, marked by resilience and redemption, serves as an inspiring testament to the human spirit's capacity for transformation.  

His philanthropic efforts and dedication to causes close to his heart remind us that fame can be a force for good, amplifying the impact of his compassion and generosity.  

Downey Jr. is not just a famous actor; he's a beacon of hope, laughter, and inspiration whose influence transcends the boundaries of Hollywood, leaving us all with a profound sense of admiration and warmth.

Mother - Susan Downey

Exton Elias Downey's mother Susan Downey is famous for her career as a film producer in Hollywood. She is best known for her collaboration with actor Robert Downey Jr., through their production company, Team Downey.  

Together, they have produced successful films such as "Sherlock Holmes" and its sequel, "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," which starred Robert Downey Jr. These movies, along with her contributions to other notable projects, have solidified her reputation as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. 

Exton Downey's mother Susan Downey smiling in a blue dress
Exton Elias Downey's mother Susan Downey.
Source: Robert Downey Jr.'s Instagram

Susan Downey's fame is rooted in her ability to produce commercially successful and critically acclaimed films, often featuring her husband in leading roles. Her work as a producer has left a lasting impact on the film industry, and her name is synonymous with quality filmmaking in Hollywood.

Father's Former Wife - Deborah Falconer

Exton's father Robert's former wife Deborah Falconer is a multi-talent who has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Her acting roles, particularly in "The Doors," resonate with a timeless allure, drawing us into the captivating stories she's brought to life on screen.  

Beyond the silver screen, her music, as heard in the album "Brave Like Me," evokes emotions and connects with our deepest sentiments. Deborah's journey through fame intertwined with her marriage to the charismatic Robert Downey Jr., serves as a reminder of the complexities of highs and lows that accompany life in the spotlight.  

Deborah Falconer Singing
Deborah Falconer - Exton Downey's Father Robert Downey Jr.'s former wife.
Source: Deborah Falconer's Instagram

Her presence in both the cinematic and musical realms has etched her name into the annals of pop culture, sparking curiosity and admiration for her versatile talents and the emotions she has shared with the world.


Exton Elias Downey has a sibling and a half-sibling. 

His sibling is lovely Avri Roel Downey from his parents and his half-sibling is Indio Falconer Downey from his father Robert Downey Jr.'s previous marriage with Deborah Falconer.

Avri is his younger sister while Indio Falconer Downey is a musician and formed a band "The Dose" where he is a vocalist and produces music.

Indio also has a history of criminal charges and was arrested for drug possession. He is now clean and sober creating music.

Despite the different parents, the bond between them is strong.

Private Schooling

It's been confirmed that Exton Downey is attending private school but the name of his school has been kept secret. 

Privacy matters when you are the son of one of Hollywood's biggest actors.

Exton's Birthday

Exton Elias Downey celebrates his birthday every 7th of February and his father never fails to share his son's birthday celebration on his Instagram. 

Exton Elias Downey's Birthday Celebration with Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey
Downey Family Celebrating Exton Elias Downey's Seventh Birthday.

It's amazing how Robert Downey Jr. loves his children and successfully parenting them all. He personally sees all his children and manages his time for them. 

Rich Parents

Exton's parents are very rich as they are rocking Hollywood. His father Robert has a massive net worth of $300 million and his mother Susan Downey has a net worth of $20 Million.

His parents are also producing the Netflix hit show "Sweet Tooth" which is a huge success and well responded to by viewers.

Movie Debut

Exton Elias Downey has already debuted in the documentary Sr. as himself which is a tribute to his grandfather Robert Downey Sr..

His grandfather was an amazing filmmaker and actor who made movies like "Putney Swope", "Chafed Elbows", and "Pound". He co-wrote the script of "Moment to Moment".

Let's see if he will grow to be a great actor like his father.

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