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Facts of Corrina Grant Gill

This content was updated and modified in  October 2023.

Singer Corrina Grant Gill, the sweet daughter of Vince Gill and Amy Grant was born on March 21, 2001. 

Like her parents, she has also pursued a music career and has dropped some interesting songs already.

Parents Have Won 28 Grammies

Corrina Grant Gill's parents have a total of 28 Grammy awards at home. You can already imagine the trophies on display at her home.

Her father Vince Gill has won a total of 22 Grammies in his career and her mother Amy Grant has won 6 Grammies.

Corrina Grant Gill's father Vince Grant With his Grammies
Corrina Grant Gill's father Vince Gill with his Grammies.

This is called a home full of Grammies. What does this family eat for dinner?

Father - Legendary Vince Gill

Corrina's father Vince who has given this world some of the greatest hits will bring tears to your eyes if he starts singing.

His greatest hits like When I Call Your Name, Tryin" to Get Over You, Worlds Apart, and One More Last Chance gained huge respect and attention.

Mother - Amy Grant

Corrina's mother Amy Grant is a superb singer too. She has given great hits like I Will Remember You, Baby, Baby, and Heart in Motion.

Father's Former Relationship

Corrina Gill's father Vince Gill was previously married to Janis Oliver who is also a singer. They were married in 1980 and divorced in 1998.

The pair also had a daughter in 1982 and named her Jenny Jeremy Gill.

Janis Oliver holding guitar
Corrina Gill's Father Vince Gill's First Wife Janis Oliver.
Source: Janis Oliver's Instagram

The couple divorced reasoning that it was irreconcilable differences. Two years later VInce married Amy but Janis is still not married to anybody after the divorce.

Relationship With Parents

Corrina Grant Gill has a very lovely relationship with both of her parents, especially her mother since the whole family is bonded with blood and music.

She has received huge support from her parents in her personal and professional life. Her father introduced her on the stage he was singing at Ryman Auditorium in its 125th anniversary celebration where they sang When My Any Prays. That's a real bond.

A Black and White Photo of Corrina Grant With her mother Amy Grant
Corrina Grant Gill with her mother Amy Grant.
Source: Corrina Grant's Instagram

She and her mother have a great bond too as they are always Instagramming together. 

Half-Sister - Jenny Gill

Jenny Gill or Jennifer Jerene Gill is the half-sister of Corrina Grant Gill and she is a singer too. 

Jenny is the daughter of Vince Gill and his former wife Janins Oliver who is a singer too. This family is not keeping anybody in the home if it's not a singer. 

She is married to Josh Van Valkenburg who is A&R of Sony/ATV Music.

Jenny has given many beautiful songs like Lonely Lost Me, Willie and Weed, and Your Shadow.

Jenny Gill at stage
Corrina Grant Gill's Half-Sister Jenny Gill at the stage.

Janis Oliver is the singer from the duo Sweethearts of The Rodeo with Kristine Arnold. 

Corina Mainly Shares Her Music On Her Instagram

Corina's passion for music can be observed on her Instagram account, @corrinamusic. She posts videos of her playing piano, singing, and taking guitar lessons.

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Here is a video in which she sings Michael Jackson's 'Bad,' along with her fellow musicians and singers.

Corrina Grant Gill's Net Worth

Corrina Grant Gill has an estimated net worth of $200,000 from her career as a singer and musician.

Parents's Net Worth

Corrina's family is full of singers and they have made a lot of money in their career.

Her father Vince Gill has a massive net worth of $30 million which he earned from his music career all his life. He is a true musician.

Also, Vince has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide till now. 

Her mother Amy Grant also has an equal net worth as her father which is $30 million. 

The family is rich.

Dropped "Too Much" in 2023

Corrina dropped her new son in July of 2023 named "Too Much". She informed her fans through her Instagram and called out all people who are too emotional. 

After her music was officially released her mother Amy Grant said that Corrina was her new favorite singer.

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