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Home lifestyle Who is Kendall Plessinger? All the Details Here

Who is Kendall Plessinger? All the Details Here

kripa Published On Mon Jul 11 2022   Modified On Mon Jul 11 2022
Who is Kendall Plessinger? All the Details Here

Who is Kendall Plessinger? Learn All The Details On Kendall Plessinger. 

Kendall Plessinger, also known as Kendall Taylor, was born on September 5, 1991. She is a native of Georgia. 

Kendall rose to prominence after she tied the knot with her husband, Aaron Plessinger. Her sweetheart is an American professional motocross racer. Aaron has won several prestigious titles making him quite popular in public eyes. Even after being married to a famous racer, there is little information about Kendall's life.

Kendall Plessinger was born on September 5, 1991.

Kendall Plessinger was born on September 5, 1991.
Image Source: Instagram @kendallplessinger

Despite keeping a modest profile, Kendall is extremely active on social handles. On Instagram, Kendall often posts several images of herself and her family. Kendall appears to enjoy her life with her husband, Aaron and her three children.

Kendall Plessinger Family - Parents And Siblings

Kendall Plessinger was born to Richard Taylor and Susan Taylor. Her parents raised her in Senoia. Kendall grew up alongside her two siblings, Kaydie Taylor and Cody Taylor

Talking more about Kendall's family, they run a business, Taylor Exterminating, founded by Kendall's grandfather, Charles Taylor. Richard, Kendall's father, helps to run the family business.

Kendall Plessinger's mother and father.

Kendall Plessinger's mother and father.
Image source: Facebook @Richard Taylor

Kendall has kept a low profile about herself and her family. Despite this, the fact that they own a family business suggests that many people may be familiar with them.

Kendall Plessinger's Net Worth And Career Highlights

Kendall Plessinger prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to her professional journey. Thus, there is not much known about Kendall's career path. 

Due to this, the general public is still unaware of Plessinger's profession. However, given that her family runs a firm, we may infer that she may be engaged in the business-related activity.

Talking about Kendall's earnings, details on that is also unknown. Therefore, her actual net worth is also nowhere to be found. However, we do know her family has a long history in the business field, so it's safe to assume she might have a net worth of around $1 million

Besides that, Kendall also enjoys her husband's earnings as a supporting wife. So, what's her beau, Aaron Plessinger's net worth?

According to Depth Bio, Kendall's husband, Aaron, holds an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2022. Yes, he is a millionaire. Thus, we can presume that Kendall and her spouse, alongside their kids, live a lavish lifestyle.

Kendall Plessinger is in Disney land with her family.
Image Source: Instagram @kendallplessinger

Additionally, Kendall and Aaron are spotted frequently traveling with their three kids; making it safe for us to assume they lead a luxury livelihood.

Kendall Plessinger Married Life With Aaron Plessinger

Kendall Plessinger is currently married to Aaron Plessinger. The cute couple seems to be together for a long time. Although the exact date is missing, sources claim the duo started dating in 2012. 

If that's true, Kendall and her now-husband dated for six years before making things serious between them. Talking about their engagement, they shared rings back in 2018. To be more precise, Aaron Plessinger got down on one knee and proposed to Kendall at the 250SX Showdown in May 2018. 

One year after being engaged, the lovely pair decided to get married. They walked down the aisle on October 12, 2019. Since then, Kendall and Aaron have been going strong as a married couple. 

Unfortunately, Kendall and her spouse, Aaron, had to put their honeymoon at a halt because Aaron had participated in the 2019 Monster Energy Cup. The Monster Energy Cup was a week after they tied the knot.

Kendall Plessinger and Aaron Plessinger's wedding.
Image Source: Instagram @kendallplessinger

Kendall appears to be Aaron's biggest supporter throughout his career. Yes, throughout their relationship, it seems like Kendall has accompanied Aaron at his tournaments. In addition, Kendall is also the one who keeps Aaron fans updated about him and his health.

Kendall Plessinger Past Relationship

Before meeting her now-husband, Kendall has been seeing someone in the past. It is unknown if Kendall was married to her ex-partner or if they were only dating each other. 

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Unfortunately, the name of her ex-partner remains unknown. Kendall has a beautiful daughter, Hadley, from her past relationship. Yes, she gave birth to her first baby girl before meeting her now-husband, Aaron Plessinger. 

Kendall Plessinger And Her Children

Kendall Plessinger and Aaron Plessinger have three children. Hadley, born on March 12, 2010, is the eldest one. However, as mentioned earlier, she is the result of Kendall's past affair. 

After Kendall and her husband made things serious, they raised Hadley together. Following that, Kendall and Aaron also welcomed their first baby together. They gave birth to their first son, Jake Scott Plessinger, on July 30, 2018. 

Kendell Plessinger and her three beautiful childrenImage Source: Instagram @kendallplessinger

Kendell Plessinger is the mother of her three kids.
Image Source: Instagram @kendallplessinger

Both the kids were present at Kendall and Aaron's wedding. Aaron has been in Hadley's life since she was two years old. Although Hadley is not Aaron's biological daughter, he loves her as his own and is a father figure to her.

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After spending three years as a married couple, Kendall and Aaron welcomed their youngest child into their life. Precisely, on March 29, 2021, Kendall and Aaron welcomed their beautiful daughter, Savannah Lauren, to this world.

Kendall Plessinger Instagram

Kendall appears to be very active on social media. Mostly she can be seen using Instagram. She has more than nine thousand followers on Instagram. Plessinger frequently shares photos of her and her family. 

Kendall Plessinger with her family.

Kendall Plessinger with her family.
Image Source: Instagram @kendallplessinger

On Plessinger's Instagram, she has shared a lot of pictures of her, her family, Aaron's tournament, her friends and many more. We can say that Kendall vlogs about her life through Instagram.

How Old is Kendall Plessinger? Her Age as of 2022?

As mentioned above, Kendall Plessinger's parents brought her into this world back in 1991. She celebrates her birthday on September 5 every year. With that being clear, let us tell you how old she is as of July 2022?

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Well, Kendall is 30 years old right now. However, she will be 31 years old by the end of this year. 

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