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Shaun Toub Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Heisenberg Published On Thu Jan 16 2020   Modified On Thu Jan 16 2020
Shaun Toub Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Here are all the details regarding the net worth of the 'Iron Man' actor Shaun Toub.

You may find Shaun Toub familiar to a character in some of the Iron Man movies. And you are right, as the actor is indeed involved in the cast in two of the 3 main Iron Man movies. He is recognized for his portrayal of the character 'Ho Yinsen' in the movies 'Iron Man' and 'Iron Man 3.'

Shaun Toub is recognized from his part in 'Iron Man,' and 'Iron Man 3.'

Shaun Toub acted the role of 'Ho Yinsen' in 'Iron Man' and 'Iron Man 3.' 
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Well, Iron Man is not the only Hollywood motion picture Toub (currently married to Lorela) is associated with. Besides Iron Man, Shaun's roles in other films include 'Farhad' in 'Crash' and 'Rahim Khan' in 'The Kite Runner.' Toub also played as 'Majid Javadi' in the Showtime television series 'Homeland.'

You must be curious to learn more than the movies and series the 56-year-old actor played over the years. You might be helplessly searching all over the Internet for his net worth but couldn't find one. Here in this article, we come to your rescue by providing comprehensive and reliable information regarding the amount of bank-balance Shaun Toub holds as of 2020.

What is the Net Worth of the 'Iron Man' Actor Shaun Toub?

Shaun Toub, as of January 2020, possesses an estimated net worth of $1 million. This is the total amount of the money he earned from his acting career throughout the years.

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In the sections below, we break down the actor's earnings from the major movies he played in.

Iron Man 

Iron Man was a hit movie of 2008 with the IMDb rating of 7.9. The film did well commercially by earning over $585 million with a budget of $140 million.

The star of the film, Robert Downey Jr., got a salary of $500,000, but due to the movie's massive success, he took home a total of $2.5 million. Shaun Toub, on the other hand, earned an amount of $30,000.

Iron Man 3

The movie was a blockbuster as it hit the cinemas and made a jaw-dropping amount of $1.215 billion

Robert Downey Jr, who was by then a superstar in Hollywood, again was able to make a whopping $10 million from the film. Toub also made more than his first Iron Man movie and accumulated an amount of $70,000


Car Crash, with the impressive IMDb rating of 7.8, became successful in earning a huge profit by making an amount of $98.4 million from its $6.5 million budget.

The movie won 3 Academy Awards from its 6 nominations, and the wins were in the categories of ' The Best Motion Picture of the Year,' 'The Best Writing, Original Screenplay,' 'The Best Achievement in Film Editing.' Shaun's salary from the movie was $10,000.

The Kite Runner

The movie collected an amount of ‎$20 million, while the budget of the film was $73.2 million.

The 7.6 IMDb-rated movie paid Toub an amount of $9,000 for his role of 'Rahim Khan.'


Shaun Toub portrayed the character 'Majid Javadi' in 10 episodes of 'Homeland' in 2013 and 2017.

The series, with an impressive IMDb rating of 8.3, gave Shaun total cash of $15,000.

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So that's all you need to know about the net worth of Shaun Toub.

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